Endless Leadz started as a company devoted to helping local Baltimore businesses thrive in the digital age—but now, the company has grown to the point where it is looking beyond Baltimore, rendering its marketing services to businesses both locally, around the country and around the world. The geography has shifted, perhaps, but the company’s focus has not: EndlessLeadz.com is passionate for cultivating strong, working relationships with businesses both small and large, and establishing the framework for long-term marketing and sales success.

The brain behind EndlessLeadz.com is that of Zsolt Bicskey. Hungarian by birth, Zsolt’s professional background includes work with many companies throughout his native country, donning the mantles of CEO, HR and IT professional, and more. Though his background includes time spent in software engineering, teaching, data mining, and more, his real passion is for marketing—and for using the latest and greatest technology to provide effective, cost-efficient ways to help his clients thrive. Zsolt is married and has two children, and his commitment to his family is the only thing that exceeds his devotion to his clients.

Zsolt is joined by a team of seasoned marketing veterans and technology experts from around the world; Endless Leadz’ crack staff includes Baltimore natives as well as marketing aces from Hungary, South Africa, and beyond. Endless Leadz also has a team of expert writers and editors on staff that is experienced in the creative development of content to fit a myriad of needs; from press releases, tantalizing web copy, articles and more, the Endless Leadz writers engage in every step of the creative process with your needs in mind.

Now, Zsolt and his EndlessLeadz.com team is proud to deliver the tools and strategies necessary to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to create big buzz—and ultimately to draw clients into their sales pipelines. Always paying close attention to the latest marketing trends while also striving to keep services strategic and cost-effective, EndlessLeadz.com proudly offers services in video marketing, social media optimization, local search rankings, and more.

Ultimately, the Endless Leadz team is convinced that this digital era presents opportunities for every business to shine. To learn more about their services, contact the company today.

Photo by: Magnus Manske