What are proxy servers for?

Proxy server is a unique tool that is used in different situations. It can be useful for a regular user of the network and for narrow-profile specialists who constantly use a proxy in their professional activities. So what is a proxy server and when it can be useful for you?

A proxy server is a remote server. All your network requests will go via this server. Thus, your ip address remains anonymous. All web resources that you visit receive a request from the IP address of the proxy server, which allows you to hide your own IP address. Depending on the network protocol that the proxy server uses, your ip can reach it already encrypted, which greatly increases the level of anonymity and guarantees a safe visit of any web resource.

In addition, proxies are used in other assignments.

  1. Marketing. Proxy is an indispensable tool for marketers. Professionals on Search Engine Optimization, who are closely related to the use of a proxy server, are really need it in their work. In addition to SEO, proxies are also widely used in other marketing areas. For example, SMM, because for the promotion of accounts in social networks it is often necessary to create third-party accounts from different countries, which is much easier to organize through a proxy server. It is also used to increase the number of views, comments and likes on YouTube.
  2. Local Area Networks. A proxy server is often used to optimize work in offices where local networks are used. With it, you can configure the connection of all computers of the local network to the Internet, or setup specific caching options. You can also customize the work of the proxy server in such a way that it will compress the received data, which can greatly reduce the rate of consumption of Internet traffic.
  3. Regional blocking bypassing. If you use the Internet actively, then you most likely noticed that there is some content on the network, access to which is hidden due to regional restrictions. Such restrictions, most often, impose the state in connection with the need to maintain the right of ownership or for political reasons. Also, this restriction is capable of imposing the authors of the content themselves to restrict access to information. You can buy proxy server of any country and remove all possible restrictions that prevent you from moving freely through the Internet.
  4. Anonymity online. This item is important not only for professionals but also for ordinary users of the network. The problem of anonymity on the Internet is very acute in recent times. All of our online activities are tracked, the history of visits is stored in archives, and as a result they can be used to better find points of influence on our psyche. Thus, we are forced to buy certain products, adjusting the advertising exactly to our preferences. A proxy server https or soсks5 protocol can provide a high enough level of anonymity and keep your ip address in complete security. Proxy servers that use this network protocol do not even have the opportunity to get your IP address when a request comes from your device to such a server. Since the request at this point is already encrypted.
  5. Travel. A proxy server can be extremely useful if you like to travel. When crossing the border, access to certain resources can be limited. Without the ability to use the IP address of your country, you can lose access to your favorite web resources or repositories where your personal photos are saved. For example, you can buy canadian proxy server here https://proxy-seller.com/canadian-proxy so even if you are not in Canada you still will have an access to the content which have restrictions for the other countries. By purchasing a proxy server of your country, you can always use the IP address of your region, which will provide you with free access to your favorite contact from anywhere in the world.