Submachine guns: “cash machines” of CS:GO

If you want to find a reliable assistant in the world of CS:GO, you should use the services of the company CSGO NET. Most fights in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive take place using submachine guns and sniper rifles. However, they are expensive and very wilful. The submachine guns are not so demanding to finance, but they are just as effective and useful. 

Let’s say, success in the pistol round is much easier to fix if you buy SMG, not rifle. In CS:GO, the ability to manage finances is no less important than accurate shooting. Spend too much – you lose. If you become greedy, you will find yourself in a dangerous situation with inappropriate weapons. SMG itself is extremely cheap, but each murder brings impressive $600 – twice as much as with a gun or machine gun. The death of an enemy with a shotgun will certainly bring more ($900), but it is not always useful. So a submachine gun will be a good choice for a beginner fighter.

Which submachine gun to choose?

The MP9 is a specialized SMG, available exclusively for counter terrorists. It deals relatively little damage and badly penetrates armor. But it costs only $1250 and has an impressive rate of fire. An enemy without a bulletproof vest will go to the side after a dozen shots, but the protected enemy should be shot at point-blank range. So the chance to hit the head will be higher. In addition, the MP9 is not bad for fighting on the move.

On MP9 terrorists respond to MAC-10. “Iron box, from which bullets fly out at a great speed” – the description fully characterizes the capabilities of this SMG. In terms of characteristics, the MAC-10 is close to the MP9. It is sold for $1050 and therefore deservedly bears the title of the cheapest in the class. It is a good option for panicking in an enemy camp, so that colleagues with weapons could better finish it.

MP7 will cost more expensive – $1700. Its shooting speed is lower than the MP9 and MAC-10, but its accuracy is higher. Thanks to a very accurate first shot, you can hit the head even on the move. Otherwise, the MP7 car is unremarkable, and sometimes even harmful. With the MP7, the player runs a little slower than usual.

UMP-45 looks noticeably more profitable against the background of the MP7. Impressive damage, excellent armor piercing, good medium range accuracy and a price tag of $ 1200. However, the disadvantage balances out the advantages. UMP-45 has the lowest rate of fire among its analogues. However, for the battle with an armored enemy UMP-45 will be a great choice even during the “rich” rounds.

The P90 has a large clip for 50 rounds, which not only allows you to quickly kill the owners of armored vests, but also less often reloaded. However, the P90 will not be suitable for earning. It costs as much as $2350, and for the murder of it relies on a bonus of only $300, reducing the main advantages of SMG over automatic rifles to nothing.

The Byzon is the last one left. At $1400 it is inferior to P90 in almost everything, so often players simply ignore it. Yes, it can boast neither armor-piercing nor damage, nor range. On the other hand, in the so-called eco-round it has a huge 64-round clip, high speed of fire and fast reload, which is very useful. Byzon allows you to quickly deal with several enemies without bulletproof vests. In other cases it is better to buy another SMG.

When is it time to switch to a machine gun?

By the third or fourth round, the enemy team will start buying automatic rifles and bulletproof vests in bulk. Should you do the same, if the first skirmishes were successful? More likely no, than yes. You can find more useful information at.