Mobile Marketing

There are countless statistics that bear witness to the staggering rise in mobile phone use, but the best evidence is purely anecdotal: Just think of all the people you know who have their mobile devices ever-present. Think of how many people you see sitting on a subway or waiting outside a doctor’s office, using their phones. Think of how attached you are to your own mobile device, and of how much you use that phone for both personal and professional purposes. The mobile phone is a fixture of our culture and of our lives—and Endless Leadz believes it to be an invaluable opportunity for marketing and for lead generation.

For many companies, the rate of success with e-mail marketing is on the decline. People simply do not open marketing e-mails as often as they used to. By implementing mobile marketing techniques, however, your company can lend a more personal touch to its marketing endeavors, and ultimately generate greater success.

Consider this scenario: You have a meeting with potential clients, and when you arrive back at your office, you send them an e-mail, outlining your services and your features. But you don’t stop there: You also send a text, alerting them to look to their inbox for an important communiqué. Additionally, you can send a warm, personal message straight to their voicemail box, without their phone even ringing. As you might imagine, this significantly increases the odds of that e-mail actually being opened—and this is just one of many ways in which mobile marketing can lead to more effective lead generation. is devoted to making mobile marketing work for you. For more information on mobile marketing strategy, and what it might mean for your company, contact us today!