LinkedIn opportunities for law firms

In the last few years social media marketing for law firms become very popular. But among the social networks we have to highlight one of the most interesting. LinkedIn has more than 375 million registered users. LinkedIn ‒ is a powerful tool for developing legal practice and an effective way to stay in touch with colleagues and clients around the world. However, in order to see significant results, professionals need to purposefully use this tool along with other marketing initiatives. A good LinkedIn profile alone will not double the profit. Expanding a network of contacts is not the only goal; it is important to interact with contacts on LinkedIn, focusing on your goals. Many lawyers use the advanced search to find potential clients (including employees of companies that interest them) and organize personal meetings. How to use LinkedIn profile at full capacity?

This tool allows you to create a successful business model of a law firm and set up a constant stream of large clients. Yes, this social network is ideal for finding corporate customers who can bring excellent income. Also, there are many tools for the development of personal lawyers and for the development of a large law firm. But in order to fully use all the functionality of LinkedIn, you need to be able to work with this social network.

If you want to use LinkedIn most effectively to promote your company, these tips will help you understand where to start

  1. Tell a success story. One of the best ways to explain to people how LinkedIn can benefit them is to share success stories with them. The ideal option is to use success stories from the practice of your company, but if there are no examples yet, then you can look for examples of such stories on the Internet.
  2. Develop a promotion strategy in LinkedIn and ways to measure achievements. Developing a strategy and system for measuring achievement will help you to get the most out of your time spent working with LinkedIn. Make sure that every team member understands why he needs a LinkedIn profile and what he wants to achieve with it.
  3. Make sure that the profile of each employee correctly positions him and his company. Only 25% of registered lawyers believe that their profiles successfully represent them. This is an alarming fact, considering that LinkedIn profiles are high in search query results. A badly designed LinkedIn profile will do more harm than good.
  4. Encourage colleagues to expand your network of contacts on LinkedIn. Show them different ways to find people to collaborate. Encourage the establishment of contact on LinkedIn between colleagues of your company: this contributes not only to internal marketing (through sharing materials via LinkedIn), but also allows you to identify relationships with customers that are not fixed in your customer base, for example, friendships.
  5. Encourage group membership. LinkedIn has some very useful and well-managed groups. Before entering, read the group discussions and find out which of your contacts are there.

According to the US agency BTI Consulting, searching the Internet is the second most popular way to hire a lawyer for clients after personal recommendations. At the same time, 30% of lawyers of different companies call LinkedIn the best website of those that they regularly visit. “Not only the best, but also the most effective!” Concludes the British communications agency Byfield Consultancy. A survey of one hundred leading law firms in the UK conducted by them showed that LinkedIn is the most effective of all social media for receiving new orders: 48% of law firms receive them through LinkedIn (second place is occupied by Twitter and the corporate website – 38% each).

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