How to improve SEO rankings

If your work is related to the Internet, you probably want to get more information about some website. What kind of traffic it has, how interesting it is to the audience etc. There are many services that allow you to do this. Serp tracker is a good example of such a service. Every marketer, webmaster, and developer has probably heard of a service that serves not only as a ranking factor, but also as a metric that determines the reliability of a resource. 

The reference ranking algorithm is used to determine the relative importance of the link within their database. It is directly or indirectly related to the quality of the site or backlinks. A significant number of users who trust the resource and offer it to other users as an authoritative source of relevant information increases its reliability to Google. Below are some practical recommendations that will help to improve SEO rankings.

  1. Create quality content. The information content is an important factor in the ranking of the page. Fresh, useful, relevant materials will attract more visitors who want to share the information with friends, colleagues. Create dynamic and visual content. The availability of video and images will be especially popular in the coming year.
  2. Keep your website up to date. Termination of updates threatens the loss of positions held. Search engines give preference to web portals with new relevant content. 
  3. Take advantage of social bookmarking services. Social bookmarking is an incredibly effective method of increasing the current PageRank index, since the placement of publications on these services allows to become the owner of additional backlinks and traffic. Among popular social bookmarks it is worth noting: Facebook, Google +, etc.
  4. Optimize your site pages. Optimize the content for keywords and user search. The best way to accomplish this task is to bring the titles of publications as close as possible to popular search queries on this topic. Make sure that the created materials can meet the needs of potential customers, provide a unique point of view.
  5. Create a site map. A Sitemap is a text file that contains the site pages. Its availability makes it easy for Google search bots to scan all the links and web service content and determine their importance. Now you can find a lot of services that create a sitemap. 
  6. Perform translation of the content. Entrepreneurs with special skills, finances, time required to translate content significantly expand the target audience, making the pages available to audiences speaking other languages. 
  7. Avoid abuse of keywords. Google is against this policy. The website will be immediately fined. Check the accuracy of the meta tag shown to the audience when a web service appears in search results. An accurate, specific description will help to increase attendance and reduce bounce rates.
  8. Review the backlinks. When search engines see that visitors come to the site from other resources, the page rating will increase. You can get backlinks by commenting on professional blogs, providing your own relevant material on other websites, and then you can post a link to the original source.