Healthy sleep, the key to good potency

The term “healthy sleep” is ambiguous, with seeming inactivity in the body continue to occur very important processes. During a night’s rest the metabolism is by no means quiet, the whole body and especially the male potency is restored. During a certain phase of sleep a man can have from three to six erections, lasting up to 30 minutes each. Such processes are inherent to all healthy men, their absence may indicate the presence of erectile dysfunction having physiological reasons. In this case, makes it possible to buy Viagra at any time of the day and help with the problem.

Restoration of male power

Nocturnal excitement does not depend on sexual stimulation and is extremely important for the condition of the penis. An erection that occurs during sleep has a positive effect on the tissues of the genitals and prevents some diseases of the genitourinary system. A healthy man needs at least 55 percent good erectile tissue. It is restored by enough oxygen, which provides good blood circulation – and gets it only when a man has an erection. If there is no erection during the day, then there is not enough oxygen in the penis. But nature took care of men and provided a kind of tissue regeneration with nighttime erection.

Unfortunately, with age, the number and duration of nocturnal erections decreases. If the regenerative processes are insufficient or absent for several weeks or even months, there is a great risk of decreased potency in men. It is rational in such circumstances to buy Levitra or Cialis and restore your former manhood.

Sleep for hormonal balance

Another interesting fact is that without sufficient sleep the entire hormonal balance can be disrupted, because most of the hormones are produced by the body at night, this also applies to testosterone. Studies have shown that a healthy sleep is the most effective and easiest method to increase the natural production of the male sex hormone. It is known that fatigue, stress and obesity are some of the most common causes of lack of desire, and in some cases getting a good night’s sleep means the same thing as buying Viagra and helping yourself with potency. 

To summarize, a good one:

  • increases performance in all areas of life;
  • helps maintain erectile function in normal;
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • provides an adequate secretion of hormones and testosterone production;
  • has a positive effect on sexuality in general;
  • helps to prevent diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • relieves the effects of emotional and psychological stress;
  • improves brain function;
  • promotes muscle growth;
  • helps to fight excess weight.

We must remember that a healthy sleep is what makes a person physically healthy, helps to maintain strength, youth, lively mind, and reliable potency for a long time. So, anyone who manages to get enough, sound, good sleep makes an invaluable positive contribution to their sex life. If you are looking for additional drugs for potency, visit