How to Jumpstart Social Media with Content and Strategy

Businesses are always challenged when it comes to social media. One of the major concerns is that business owners use sites like Facebook and Twitter like they do in their personal time when, in fact, social media is immensely different for companies. Below, you’ll find out how to jumpstart social media to make any online campaign worth the effort.

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How To Write Effective Content With Ease

Knowing how to write effective content is key for any business hoping to make it in the realm of online marketing. Content is used for positioning websites as authorities, generating hype on social media, and battling out competition. But between blogs, posts, articles, and website pages, creating spectacular content becomes a major challenge.

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Getting Your Content Read by Google Using Authorship

Google Authorship has undergone some major changes over the last few months. Originally, it was seen as a way for bloggers and Web writers to get their content ranked highly on search engines. While this is still the case, the effectiveness of Authorship was cut by Google’s algorithms, which put of an emphasis on quality and authority rather than tie-ins to Google+. Regardless, getting your content read by Google has never been easier.

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App Review: Free Invoicing Solutions from BizXpert

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I had multiple reasons for launching my own business: I’m passionate about what I do and also about the opportunity to work autonomously, to be my own boss. I love marketing and I’m always excited to work with my customers, but there are certain aspects of business ownership that are, frankly, not as exciting. One of these necessary evils, for me, has always been invoicing.

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