Get Results With a Strong Call to Action

If you have a website or mailing list, chances are you’ve wanted your audience to perform a specific action from time to time. Whether you’re asking people to download white papers, sign up for a newsletter, click on a webpage, or purchase a product that’s on sale, a strong call to action will lead them exactly where you want them to go. The following tips can help you craft a call to action that gets results.

Use strong command verbs. When it comes to persuading your audience, you don’t want to mince words. People who read your newsletter or come to your website should know exactly what you want them to do through the use of strong verbs. Phrases like “download today,” “buy now,” “start your free trial,” and “subscribe here” tell people what they should do to get access to content, services, or products.

Offer value. The more you can communicate that you understand your audience’s pain points, the more likely they’ll be to trust you to alleviate them. After you’ve done that, use your call to action to show people how you can help with their problems. If your audience is clear about the value proposition you have to offer, they will be more motivated to act.

Create a sense of urgency. No one wants to miss out, so creating urgency in your call to action will get people to do something right away. By mentioning that your offer has a limited supply or availability, you activate readers’ desire to click before it’s too late.

Exploit psychological needs. Using your call to action to address people’s basic psychological needs is an effective way to persuade them on a subconscious level. For example, people have a need to belong, so you can exploit that need by mentioning how many readers have already taken advantage of your product or service.

Use placement to your advantage. It doesn’t matter how effectively worded your call to action is if the audience doesn’t see it. If you’re placing it on your website, position it at the top center of the page where it can’t be missed. And don’t forget to add the call to action to every page of your site, so visitors can see it no matter where they are. Similarly, in a newsletter, it’s a good idea to add your call to action above the fold, so you can grab subscribers’ attention as soon as possible.

A strong call to action is an effective way to increase your conversion rates and get the results you want on a marketing campaign. But it’s also an extension of the relationship you want to build with current and prospective customers. When you deliver on your promises and give people what they need, you build trust with your audience that extends far beyond any one call to action that you create.

Five Marketing Psychology Principles You Shouldn’t Ignore

For many people, psychology theories are something they only thought about in their Psych 101 course. However, although you may not spend a lot of time now thinking about the finer points of cognitive development or the feeding times of Pavlov’s dog, the following are some psychological theories you should keep in mind in order to market your services and products effectively.

Social proof. People don’t believe marketing, but they do believe other people. As a result, social proof makes consumers want to adopt the behaviors or beliefs of those they like and trust. If your target audience sees their peers taking an interest in your brand, they will too. To leverage this tendency, share case studies and statistics about your satisfied customers. This will help build your credibility among people in the same demographic and convince them to try your products.

Reciprocity. We’ve all had this experience: Someone does something nice for us and it makes us feel so good about them that we want to do something nice for them in return. This idea of reciprocity is a great way to build brand loyalty. If you give current or potential customers something—a handwritten thank you note, a free consultation, a branded t-shirt—it will trigger the desire to engage with your company more.

Scarcity. When you create the perception that your product is rare, you increase the desire people have to get it. No one wants to miss out on something valuable, so advertisers take advantage of the scarcity principle by using phrases like “only five left in stock” to let consumers know the demand is so high that they might miss out if they don’t act now.

Admit flaws. It may sound counterintuitive, but when brands admit they’ve made a mistake, it actually builds trust among consumers. No one wants to feel like they’ve been duped, so if you make a mistake, or you find there is a flaw in your product, be sure to be upfront and honest about it. Remember, the coverup is always worse than the crime.

Anchoring. When you’re running a sale, anchoring will subconsciously convince people they need your deal. The way to use this principle is to first display the regular price of the product and then give the sale price. Since people use the first information they receive to make decisions, putting the regular price of a product front and center will make the sale price irresistible to them.

These strategies can be a powerful way to make current customers happy and attract new ones. However, proceed with caution: Although you want to encourage people to connect to your brand in an authentic way, you don’t want to use psychology tactics against your customers by manipulating them. Honesty and transparency win the day.

Five Principles of Tribe Marketing

Historically, tribes consisted of people who banded together for the good of their community, and shared duties so they could survive and raise the next generation of the tribe together. While tribes today are bonded more around social interests than survival, the people who are part of them still take them quite seriously—which creates opportunities for marketers who want to build a tribe around their brand. Organizations that have found their tribe and nurtured it create a community of loyalists who not only buy their products, but also become “brand ambassadors.” But in order to do this successfully, you need to build your tribe. The following tips can help.

Define your purpose. Another name for tribe marketing is purpose-driven marketing and there’s a good reason for that: A tribe needs something to rally around. To get this kind of support, your organization must present a strong purpose that people can identify with. Since tribes can be formed around any product as long as members feel deeply connected to it, companies are tasked with defining why they’re selling their products and the value proposition these products provide—namely how they will contribute to the passions of the tribe.

Find your members. Once you create a strong purpose that your targeted followers can identify with, you need to find these people. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for avid hikers, parents, or indie music enthusiasts, you must identify who your core audience is and where they congregate – on or offline in order to reach them.

Communicate with the tribe. The cornerstone of any good leadership is good communication, so it’s important to regularly reach out to your tribe and keep them engaged. Sending newsletters, announcing sales, responding to social media posts about your company, and blogging about what’s going on with your organization can increase engagement with your tribe and reinforce their love of your brand.

Provide a good experience. Your tribe members may or may not be actual customers, but all will have some influence in the tribe. And just because they’re with you now doesn’t mean they’ll continue to be if they’re not treated well. It’s important not to take tribe members for granted – always address their concerns respectfully and communicate how much you appreciate them. This way, they will continue to support you and enlist new members to join the tribe.

Create a place to congregate. Having a place for the tribe to “meet” and speak freely about your products (the good and the bad) and service is essential. To that end, you can encourage people to post about your company under a hashtag you create or provide places on your company’s website for them to write reviews and talk to each other – and most importantly, a place for you to communicate directly with each personally.

When companies take steps to create and nurture their tribes, it’s a win-win situation—with consumers getting a chance to gather around the brands they love and reading honest communication they need. Find your tribe! Your organization will benefit from the relationship for years to come.

IT outsourcing strategy: how to outsource right

Businesses large and small are outsourcing their IT operations to third-party IT services companies for decades already. However, simply outsourcing IT tasks to a third-party company does not grant success. In order to be sure you invest time and money efficiently, a proper IT outsourcing strategy must be in place. We explain how to design it, what to look for and how to make sure IT outsourcing is beneficial for your business.

The first step to successfully outsourcing IT processes is finding a trustworthy IT outsourcing company like it outsourcing company IT Svit. A good IT partner must have some decent experience with a wide range of IT services, from web/app development and automated testing and QA, to cloud infrastructure deployment, DevOps services, blockchain solutions development and deployment, building cloud monitoring and Big Data analytics solutions, training ML & AI models, etc. In this case, you will avoid the mess of managing multiple remote teams from various Managed Services Providers.

How to select a good company? Experience and size must be the first factor, as small teams rarely have enough experience to cope with the scope of tasks of a larger IT outsourcing cloud computing project. Bigger teams field larger numbers of more experienced talents and can meet all project requirements with little effort.

The next way to choose a Managed Services Provider is through references from their previous customers. If an IT outsourcing company does their job well, they will be able to provide multiple reviews and feedback from satisfied clients.

Thus said, when a trustworthy IT outsourcing company is selected, it’s time to write down a clear partnership strategy. This process boils down to 4 major points:

  • Establish the project goals
  • Compose a precise project requirements list
  • Set current performance levels as the baseline
  • Select correct KPIs and track progress

A breakdown of each point is below.

Establishing project goals

Every IT outsourcing project must have a clear goal: lowering the OPEX, optimizing the infrastructure to remove excessive machines, getting rid of performance bottlenecks, etc.

A neat list of such goals will help visualize your expectations. In addition, you must make decisions like:

  • Should you work with 1 bigger company or several smaller teams?
  • Will core business processes be outsourced?
  • Should IT outsourcing cloud computing be a one-time project or a permanent choice?

Once your stakeholders make these decisions, you can move to form a list of project requirements.

Precise project requirements list

Write down everything you want to achieve during this project. Ask your company stakeholders to express their expectations regarding the IT outsourcing project outcomes. This list will highlight possible room for growth inside your organization — why pay to another party for fixing the things you can fix yourself? At the same time, this will help organize your project requirements, so you will all be on the same ground and know what you want to achieve with this project.

Setting the current baseline of performance levels

It is impossible to state something was improved if there are no measurable results and signs of such an improvement. Therefore, some parameter values must be accepted as baselines, so performance improvement will result in the growth (or reduction) of these values (like lower issue resolution time, more concurrent sessions, etc.)

Measure the progress using correct KPIs

Use measurable KPIs to demonstrate the impact of outsourcing IT workflows. The parameters can include things like:

  • Issue response time
  • Time-to-resolution
  • Revenue growth
  • Percentage of customer satisfaction
  • Fluency of communication

These KPIs can be measured by certain tools, so you can visualize the progress and impact of your partnership with an IT outsourcing company.

Conclusions on building an effective IT outsourcing strategy

Use these 4 steps to form a transparent and effective IT outsourcing strategy. This way, your team will dedicate more effort to the strategic growth of your business, while the IT outsourcing company will take care of delivering the expected project results.

LinkedIn opportunities for law firms

In the last few years social media marketing for law firms become very popular. But among the social networks we have to highlight one of the most interesting. LinkedIn has more than 375 million registered users. LinkedIn ‒ is a powerful tool for developing legal practice and an effective way to stay in touch with colleagues and clients around the world. However, in order to see significant results, professionals need to purposefully use this tool along with other marketing initiatives. A good LinkedIn profile alone will not double the profit. Expanding a network of contacts is not the only goal; it is important to interact with contacts on LinkedIn, focusing on your goals. Many lawyers use the advanced search to find potential clients (including employees of companies that interest them) and organize personal meetings. How to use LinkedIn profile at full capacity?

This tool allows you to create a successful business model of a law firm and set up a constant stream of large clients. Yes, this social network is ideal for finding corporate customers who can bring excellent income. Also, there are many tools for the development of personal lawyers and for the development of a large law firm. But in order to fully use all the functionality of LinkedIn, you need to be able to work with this social network.

If you want to use LinkedIn most effectively to promote your company, these tips will help you understand where to start

  1. Tell a success story. One of the best ways to explain to people how LinkedIn can benefit them is to share success stories with them. The ideal option is to use success stories from the practice of your company, but if there are no examples yet, then you can look for examples of such stories on the Internet.
  2. Develop a promotion strategy in LinkedIn and ways to measure achievements. Developing a strategy and system for measuring achievement will help you to get the most out of your time spent working with LinkedIn. Make sure that every team member understands why he needs a LinkedIn profile and what he wants to achieve with it.
  3. Make sure that the profile of each employee correctly positions him and his company. Only 25% of registered lawyers believe that their profiles successfully represent them. This is an alarming fact, considering that LinkedIn profiles are high in search query results. A badly designed LinkedIn profile will do more harm than good.
  4. Encourage colleagues to expand your network of contacts on LinkedIn. Show them different ways to find people to collaborate. Encourage the establishment of contact on LinkedIn between colleagues of your company: this contributes not only to internal marketing (through sharing materials via LinkedIn), but also allows you to identify relationships with customers that are not fixed in your customer base, for example, friendships.
  5. Encourage group membership. LinkedIn has some very useful and well-managed groups. Before entering, read the group discussions and find out which of your contacts are there.

According to the US agency BTI Consulting, searching the Internet is the second most popular way to hire a lawyer for clients after personal recommendations. At the same time, 30% of lawyers of different companies call LinkedIn the best website of those that they regularly visit. “Not only the best, but also the most effective!” Concludes the British communications agency Byfield Consultancy. A survey of one hundred leading law firms in the UK conducted by them showed that LinkedIn is the most effective of all social media for receiving new orders: 48% of law firms receive them through LinkedIn (second place is occupied by Twitter and the corporate website – 38% each).

Moving from state to state – 5 tips that will make it easier for you

Very often there is a need to move between the states. This may be due to work or any other reason. However, many people may experience certain problems. For example, if you are going to move to San Bernardino County then you will need to solve a number of issues that may arise. Let’s find out how the transition between different states takes place and what needs to be done. We will highlight 5 basic tips that will help you get through the process of moving quickly and quietly.

1. First, you need to leave the apartment occupied

It is necessary to inform in advance that you are moving out, as well as to organize the restoration of all changes that could have been made to the design of the apartment – repainted walls, holes in the walls, and so on. Also need to clean the carpet. You can save your strength by spending money in return; at least, for the complex option “leaving without a smut”, you will pay around $ 200 so cleaning the carpet and filling holes in the walls does not soar you. The main thing – to clean the apartment from their belongings and return the keys. If something large is thrown out (for example, a sofa), then it is necessary to attend to its disposal separately and independently, although many “threw” all sorts of large objects to the place of general garbage dumping.

2. The second important point – mail redirection

Strangely enough, but a large amount of paper mail (not necessarily spam) comes in: all sorts of letters from banks, for example, or correspondence with government agencies. In this case, you will not want these letters to continue to arrive at the old address. Therefore, it is possible to order the official “mail redirection” service from the United States Post, and during the year your mail delivered to the old address will be sent to the new address for free. You can order this service directly on the USPS website, for verification of your identity, use a payment card, from which one dollar is debited for verification. About a week later, the service is activated and the old mail starts to arrive at the new address, with a sticker “inform the sender about the new address!” Naturally, it is recommended to do this – change the address to the new one in banks and other necessary services.

3. Hire a good company to move

A great way to save your own strength and time will be to hire a suitable company that professionally handles interstate travel and can do everything for you quickly and efficiently. We recommend that you pay attention to this service, which has excellent experience in moving and will be able to ensure the safety of your cargo. Such a company will save you from having to hire a car and movers separately and will be able to independently pack all your belongings and then unpack them in a new apartment. This way you can get rid of unnecessary problems and entrust this process to professionals. Of course, you can do everything yourself, but it is always very uncomfortable and takes a lot of free time.

4. After things have been transported and moved, you need to get a new registration

Well, not really, of course, but within 60 days after the move you need to change the driver’s license to the sample of the new state. Getting a driver’s license with a new address is very useful, since this is the main identification document and sooner or later this document with a new address will be needed.

5. In addition to the driver’s license, you also need to re-register the car to the new state at the new address (also within 60 days)

From the fact that you need to re-register – car insurance. There are different tariffs between different states, so this process is also obligatory, otherwise there will be problems with payments if you do not inform in time about the change of address.

What is VPS hosting

VPS hosting (virtual private server) is not really new but still effective technology on the web hosting market. The space on one physical server is divided into several virtual servers. At the same time, your personal space on the server, or “segment”, is configured and works in the same way as if it were your own separate server. Virtual dedicated server emulates a separate physical server. Multiple virtual servers can be running on one machine. In addition to some obvious limitations, each virtual server provides complete and independent control and management as its regular dedicated server provides. Each virtual server has its own processes, resources, configuration, and separate administration.

Now on the Internet, you can find a lot of different hosting providers, but this choice should be approached carefully. Cloud hosting FastComet can provide you with the best VPS hosting solutions. Just visit the website and make sure that there are high-quality servers and really low prices. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of VPS hosting.

Let’s take a look on benefits of VPS Hosting:

  1. Cost. This is a crucial factor for any business, and the cost of dedicated servers are an order of magnitude superior to their virtual counterparts. Even renting a physical server is quite expensive, and buying a full-fledged and powerful machine costs a few hundreds of dollars. Using VPS hosting you can get a really good product at an affordable price.
  2. Another area where VPS has a distinct advantage is the use of IP. In most cases of using virtual hosting, you can have only one IP, but this does not apply to VPS, when you can assign a dedicated IP to each of your websites.
  3. Guaranteed ownership of hardware resources. In the case of using a VPS server, it is guaranteed that all allocated hardware resources (RAM, processor, hard disk) will belong only to you. No one else can use the hardware resources allocated to you. This makes the operation of the VPS server fast and independent from the other clients.

But you have to make sure that you really need VPS server before you will make a decision to buy it.

VPS hosting also has some disadvantages that you have to know

  1. The maximum processing power of virtual servers is lower than that of a fully dedicated server. Small VPS are limited in the ability to withstand large drops in traffic.
  2. For a demanding user who is not an administrator, but has an Internet representation of his business or a personal website, a VPS may be unnecessarily expensive. But if you need complete control over the hosting environment, then you have to fork out to get the best. Do not choose VPS just because most hosting providers present this service as the best solution for hosting websites. Rent a virtual server when you really need it.

Who should pay attention to the VPS hosting first of all?

The virtual server is ideal for websites that exceed the capabilities of regular hosting, high-load network services, as well as for designing, developing and testing software. Closed corporate projects with increased requirements for data security and privacy are also largely based on virtual dedicated servers – this is especially true for small companies for which a physical server is not available. Thus, if you are going to develop your project to a sufficiently high level, then you should initially think about purchasing VPS hosting. It does not matter which project you plan to launch. The online store is also often placed on the VPS hosting since the high level of security is very important for the owner of such a business as well as other qualities of this option.

Three Ways to Evaluate Your Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan is clearly better for your organization’s bottom line than having no plan at all. However, if the plan is not continually evaluated to determine whether or not it’s effective, the time and money spent on marketing may be wasted. In order to help ensure you’re getting the bang for your marketing bucks, you should periodically evaluate the following areas and tweak your plan as needed.

Sales. Since sales are the most tangible evidence of a marketing campaign’s success or failure, it’s important to always pay close attention to those numbers. Study sales six months before and after a campaign to get a long-term picture of how sales have been affected by your efforts. If there isn’t a clear upward trajectory after a campaign, deconstruct it to figure out what went wrong. Getting input from your sales force about customer impressions, marketing materials and messages, and timing are very key. If there’s a problem with product acceptance and demand, it’s likely your sales team has some of the reasons.

Customer response. The best way to find out the impression that your marketing leaves with customers is to ask them directly. One way you can do this is by sending a questionnaire to long-term customers to determine how your campaigns have shaped their perception of your brand. Also, you can question new customers about how they found you and what part of your messaging sparked their interest in your products. What are they buying? How critical is the price point? What’s trending in the marketplace?

Leads from networking activities. Since face-to-face marketing is among the most effective ways to attract business, your plan probably includes attending events like trade shows and conferences every year to meet potential customers. Review the “quality” of the people being met – are they decision makers? Do they have a need for your offerings? Although you may not immediately see a difference in sales subsequent to a show, take a look at the engagement of the leads that were generated. If you haven’t seen an increase in inquiries, newsletter subscribers, or website traffic after attending an event, you may want to consider attending alternate events.

While it’s important to regularly evaluate marketing strategies, how often this should occur will depend on you and your team’s goals. You may decide to have quarterly evaluations or you may take a hard look at your results after a specific campaign. For example, if you launched a new product and received lackluster sales results, it’s important to take a deep dive into the tactics used and whether the market demand is as estimated. Either way, as long as you’re making adjustments as needed throughout the year, you are more likely to increase your success.

Iframe using

The Internet has appeared quite recently and since then its development does not stand on the one place. Every year it passes through a number of changes that improve it and make it as convenient as possible for usage. This is a completely natural process, especially considering its popularity, which achieves enormous results.

Each of us heard about html, which is widely used for various tasks. Nowadays we can talk about the activation of the new version called html5, which has a number of improvements and new features in comparison with its predecessor, and it is getting closer day by day. Thus, many aspects have also changed and now have a number of more modern followers who have replaced them. Such an element as the frame was also not ignored. It was supplanted by a more modern iframe, which in its essence is more like an img tag.

It is lowercase with replaceable content, because it behaves exactly like a lowercase element, but inside it displays extraneous external content. There are only four such elements in the Html language – Img, Iframe, Object and Embed. Therefore, our hero implies the presence of an external file that will be loaded into an area, the size of which is set using the attributes of this tag.

So Iframe is a waste item that loads an external object (for example, a picture). And to specify the path to this file, which should be loaded on the page, is a special attribute Src. But unlike Img, the Iframe element is paired, i.e. there is also a closing tag

This may make certain changes to various Internet projects

If we talk about such a common business as a sportsbook betting companies that work online, then this change will affect them as well. However, if you are the owner of such a company and don’t really have some broad knowledge in this area, or if you are only planning to launch such a site, then this is not such a serious problem. All these steps can be taken care of by the sportsbook software provider, whose job is to keep abreast of current trends and respond to them in a timely manner. Having correctly selected such a company, you can be sure that all processes are set up correctly and that your business fully meets all the necessary parameters and does not need to worry about its adaptation all the time.

A sportsbook iframe on a website page may look like a division of a web page into several separate parts, each of which will contain additional material. Thus, the reader gets the opportunity to more convenient review of the material. This is extremely useful in many cases where you need to show some additional information, but it is not desirable to distract the visitor from the main point. For example, you can insert a table with coefficients for sporting events and it will fit harmoniously into the overall structure of the web page.

Business in the field of sportsbook betting is quite profitable

It is necessary to approach its creation very carefully, as it has a number of processes that you will need to do every day. You can simplify your tasks by choosing a good white label sportsbook software provider that can customize all the processes for you and help you create a good profitable project. If the sportsbook software provider was chosen incorrectly, then you risk creating a project that from the very beginning will be doomed to failure. The fact is that the Internet is now crowded with a huge number of similar business projects, which every day struggle to acquire new customers and retain old ones. The right approach for creation of such a business can guarantee its success and significantly increase the chances that it will be able to give a good profit to its founder.