App Review: Free Invoicing Solutions from BizXpert

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I had multiple reasons for launching my own business: I’m passionate about what I do and also about the opportunity to work autonomously, to be my own boss. I love marketing and I’m always excited to work with my customers, but there are certain aspects of business ownership that are, frankly, not as exciting. One of these necessary evils, for me, has always been invoicing.

I suspect I’m not alone. I don’t know any small business owners who just love keeping up with the invoicing process. Yet, I also don’t know any small business owners who can do without it. If you want your customers to pay you, you have to send them invoices. It’s as simple as that.

Naturally, I’ve long been looking for that one game-changing invoice app, the one that would perfectly automate my invoicing processes and unburden me from the daily grind of invoice management. I’ve even invested in a couple of pricy invoicing programs, so imagine my surprise to find that the best invoicing app on the market happens to be a free one—BizXpert, available now in the Windows Store.

BizXpert is marketed under the tagline “invoicing with extras,” and there are plenty of extras worth noting—more on those in a minute. What makes the app a winner, though, is how streamlined and simple it is. You can download it without registration. You can learn how to use it quickly and intuitively, just by watching a quick demo video. You then set up an account and have the option of importing any of your existing client data—and then you’re ready to go.

The setup process takes a few minutes — just a few — but once you’re up and running, BizXpert provides a completely sleek and convenient way to create a new invoice in just seconds—no more than a minute. You can e-mail it, print it, save it, or whatever. And because BizXpert is cloud-based, you always have access to all your client information and current invoice updates, including payment/overdue statuses.

BizXpert is reliable, fast, and incredibly easy to use, and you can utilize it as much or as little as you want. What I mean by that is, many users will get it and barely scratch the surface of what it can do; you may decide to use it just for invoice management, and if so, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth (so to speak). Its invoice functions will streamline your day to day business activity and free you up to worry about actually, you know, running your business—not just grappling with stacks of invoices.

But if you do want to dig deeper, BizXpert offers a lot of great extras: You can set appointments and block off time on your calendar, either for customers or for products. You can export your data into Excel. You can keep track of your inventory, again relying on BizXpert’s stellar cloud functionality.

All told, the app does what it says it does: It provides an easy, intuitive, no-hassle approach to on-the-go invoice management. Since invoice automation is a necessity for any small business owner, since this app does it so well, and since it’s totally free, I honestly think it’s a no brainer. Try BizXpert for yourself and see what I’m talking about!