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What is Google+ Local? And How Can the Tool be used to Attract New Customers?

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Local Search Optimization (photo by bluefountainmedia)

Local Search Optimization (photo by bluefountainmedia)

If there is anything that is constant about the Internet, it’s change.  Moreover, as a business owner you are probably mildly confused about how to stay up-to-date on the best and most effective tools online that can help your business.  As such, I would like to introduce you to Google+ Local.

This online marketing tool is quite powerful for small businesses as it not only targets local customers who might be searching for your company but also combines local search features and customer reviews into one succinct platform.  Here are a few tips for incorporating this platform into the online marketing efforts used by your company:

  • Local Search Visibility is Increased with Google+ Local

Recently, Google unveiled some statistics which noted that currently 20 percent of searches completed on the popular search engine are based on the intent of finding a local resource or vendor.  Moreover, the number doubles to 40 percent when a search is completed on a mobile device, such as a tablet or an iPhone.  Therefore, when Google has the opportunity to intuitively recognize that a search is done with the intent of finding a local resource, a Google+ Local listing is usually ranked on the first page of search results.  This is a huge opportunity for a business that is looking to appeal to local consumers.

  • Google+ Local is an Alternative to Universal Searches

A major benefit of Google+ Local is that the listing page for a business highlighted on the platform will not compete against websites, pay-per-click ads or other types of online distractions.  If your business is listed on Google+ Local, it will only compete with other Google+ Local listings when searched for by a local consumer.

Of course, there are other factors present which work to determine how your business listing on Google+ Local performs both in a universal Google search and within Google+ Local search results.  But as you begin, you should simply focus on creating a Google+ Local listing that is not only informative, but also thorough and visually appealing.  For instance, use pictures and videos as these factors help you as it relates to making sure you are ranked in a local search.

Finally, make sure you fully utilize the review feature of Google+ Local.  Ask your customers to leave positive reviews online and provide them with a link to the listing so they are able to easily and quickly leave their feedback regarding your business.  The reason for this? Positive reviews rank well and are powerful drivers for helping your listing convert a prospective customer’s click into actual revenue generating business.  However, you do have to stay aware of what customers are saying about you, either good or bad.  A great best practice to follow is to always respond to reviews, no matter if they are positive or negative.  This level of engagement is appreciated by Google, as well as potential customers.  Even if there is a negative review, a potential customer is much more forgiving if they see you have made the effort to resolve the situation.

Moral of the story?  Google+ Local is a great tool for small businesses looking to up their local conversion rate and attract more business.  For more information on how local search affects your company and how to improve your performance in this important marketing area, contact the local search professionals at Endless Leadz today!


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This article was written by Zsolt Bicskey

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