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Video Marketing: A Promotional Strategy You Should Have Considered Yesterday

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Video Marketing Baltimore (photo by brianDhawkins)

Video Marketing Baltimore (photo by brianDhawkins)

When you are trying to make the most of your company’s presence online, it can feel a bit overwhelming identifying the best trends and keeping current.  In recent months, more attention has been paid to video marketing and I can tell you, it’s a trend that you need to pay attention to and one that you must immediately begin implementing for your company, cause or product.

To begin, video marketing can help you attract new consumers because it is a promotional platform that can allow a potential prospect to learn about you effortlessly, whether they are on a smartphone, at their desktop, on a tablet or even if they have television with an Internet connection.  The premise of video marketing allows you to connect with a consumer and tell them about what you have to offer without the individual making too much effort.  This, in my opinion, is what makes video marketing so effective.

Think about it this way, yes, there are still consumers who still read information.  I am not about to go against the idea that content is king.  But what I am encouraging you to do, as in fact, you read this post, is think outside of the box when considering the definition of “content.”  Video content can be just as effective as written material.  Consumers are shown to be more readily acceptable of material that is presented to them in video form, instead of text, and ultimately, they are able to receive the same amount of education.  A well thought out video will allow a consumer to gather necessary facts and features about what you are promoting and if your video encompasses a call to action that inspires, you are more likely to get a call from that prospect.

Ultimately, instead of making a consumer work for the information or have to search for the facts they want to know about you or your company, you are feeding what you want them to know via a video feed and they can simply sit back and listen to what you have to say.  Studies show that if less effort is needed on behalf of a customer when accessing a sales pitch, the person is ultimately more likely to buy a product or contact a company they are interested in doing business with.

Of course, because the concept of video marketing is so new, there is a certain level of concern that many businesses, large and small, have when thinking about implementing it into their marketing plan.  However, you don’t need an in-house recording studio to receive the perks associated with video marketing.  All you really need is a webcam, computer and Internet connection.  Or, if you really want to make it easy on yourself, an iPhone or other smartphone camera will suffice.  In fact, many large production houses have broken barriers by the quality of film they are able to obtain off of something as simple as an iPhone.  If this isn’t stopping Hollywood, it shouldn’t be stopping you.

At the same time, let’s also be reasonable, your video marketing plan should be more precise and strategic than simply throwing out at the next meeting, “Hey, let’s produce a video today.”  In order to get the most out of your video marketing efforts, a bit of strategy is needed as this platform is not only a representative of your brand in the public sphere, it is also a basis on which future efforts will be built.  If you are able to produce a consistent message that is coupled with video that appeals to a consumer, you are more likely to build a receptive audience that comes back for updates or additional information.  Therefore, think this process out.  You will get more out of it in the long run if you do.

At the end of the day, this is a promotional strategy that needs to be a part of your online marketing efforts right now.  If video marketing is something that you know you want to do, but are still unsure about where to start, partner with a pro who has been instructing and helping small and large businesses with their video marketing efforts before it became “the thing to do.”  Contact the team at today and receive the best and most up-to-date video marketing strategy available on the Internet today.

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