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Top 4 Online Marketing Tips for Doctors

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Since civilization began, patients have relied on medicine men, shamans, healers, and priests to cure ailments and balance humors. Over time, the need for doctors has only increased as technology and innovation have met the surge in population and demand. But what makes a doctor’s office stand out from another? Aren’t they all certified, well-to-do healthcare professionals with x-ray machines, pills, scripts, and tongue depressors? Well, there definitely are a set of common characteristics between every reputable practice, but these online marketing tips for doctors can set you apart from competition.


A doctor’s office isn’t a racket, though most patients think it is when there is only one practice in a small town. However, there are reasons beyond check-ups and boosters to schedule an appointment. What are your reasons?

In towns and cities with multiple practices and little differentiation between them, patients are likely to go to the place closest with a particular specialist. But as a doctor, you shouldn’t be satisfied with the status quo. Stand out by creating a marketing platform that is consistent, clear, and original. Take a deep look into your practice and determine what makes it different from the others. Is it the patient-centered care? The broad range of accepted insurance? The EENT specialist?

The idea is to get away from the stigma that all offices are the same. You don’t want patients to dawdle in because it’s “convenient” — you want patients who want to make you their lifelong healthcare provider. Before covering other online marketing tips for doctors, it’s crucial for you to determine what makes your practice worthwhile. This is the backbone for a successful campaign.

Online Exposure

The Internet isn’t as deadly as high-powered x-rays, though it is just as useful. Your campaign needs to focus on the Web by maximizing online assets like websites, social media, emails, and other resources. Here are a few things to keep in mind when exploiting Web exposure:

  • Websites: A company, whether it’s a shoe manufacturer or a doctor’s office, uses websites as an off-location contact center. The idea is to give hesitant patients a chance to understand your business’ history, its mission, its policies, and what makes it different from others. Maximize websites by constantly posting articles and keeping it updated with new information. Another reason to invest in a high-quality website is that they are a first point of contact after a person Google’s your practice; you want them to have a good impression.
  • Social Media: Social media isn’t as applicable for doctors as it is for exciting startup and tech companies, but it still helps. Create and maintain Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to double up on exposure. Post practice-based information and news releases — every shred of a publication helps. While curating social media and websites, keep in mind the messaging platform we discussed earlier.
  • E-Listings: Tapping into Web directories is like posting your contact information 100 times on Yellow Pages. Make sure all of your info is consistent and correct and list your practice everywhere you can. This increases the chances patients will find you, especially if they’re searching you out on a smartphone.
  • Google+: Google loves Google listings, so I’ll put it in a different category. Sign up for Google Places and Local in order to show up on map apps and search queries. Like with other social media, keep the pages active and publishing to generate followers.

Mobile Connections

Online marketing tips for doctors extend into the mobile infosphere. Smartphones and tablets are steadily replacing laptops and PCs, and with the trend people are becoming pickier. You need to format your website to fit on mobile devices. Don’t know how? Hire a developer. It’s worth it, especially when the average time mobile users spend on unformatted websites is somewhere in the five second range.

Campaign Development

Throughout your endeavors, you’ll probably hit a wall at some point and give up on posting Facebook updates and incorporating charity runs and new technology into blogs and online outlets. Don’t falter. Create a publication schedule like any marketer would do. Stick to it, and keep finding new ways to differentiate yourself from others. Online marketing tips for doctors don’t end there because they are always changing and you need to keep up with new trends. You’re not still using leeches, are you?

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