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Social Media Marketing, Electronic Publishing, and What it Means to Be an Author in 2013

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Social Media Marketing, Electronic Publishing, and What it MeansBecoming a published author does not mean what it once did. Where authorship once entailed hours spent pouring over a manuscript, followed by a lengthy and often painful process of submitting to big-name publishing houses, the Internet has totally changed things. Now, anyone can upload a book to Amazon, put it into Kindle format, and lay claim to the title of “author.” Becoming a successful author, though, is something a bit trickier—and it requires a working knowledge not only of e-book publishing, but also of social media marketing.

One man who understands these two concepts is Guy Kawasaki, a serial entrepreneur who recently penned and published a book called Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to Publish Your Book. Kawasaki was interviewed in Venture Beat, and his insights are revelatory—for would-be authors and social media marketing enthusiasts alike.

Kawasaki makes the point that the benefits long offered by major publishing companies are not what they used to be. Publishers were once able to filter the really good books from the bad, ensuring that only the cream of the crop ever made it to market; now, in a world of online reviews and Amazon ratings, quality assurance is exponentially more complicated. Kawasaki also praises publishing companies for their abilities to sell books to brick-and-mortar retailers—but of course, such retailers are less common all the time.

A better option for new authors, Kawasaki says, is to write a book, upload it to Amazon, and then earn major revenues on every copy sold. The biggest challenge is to market the book— and that’s where social media marketing enters the equation.

Digital publishing and social media marketing are made for each other, in many ways; Amazon will allow authors to provide limited-time free downloads of their books, or at the very least a sample chapter or two, to build buzz and bring readers into the sales funnel. This dovetails nicely with recent trends toward content marketing: With books or sample chapters to give away, authors have real, rich content to market on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Rather than tell consumers about your book, you can simply send them a link to it.

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