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Mobile Marketing for Business Growth: 5 Essential Strategies

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Mobile Marketing for BusinessIt is impossible to overstate the importance of mobile marketing for business growth. Mobile marketing is important because our mobile devices themselves are important, increasingly ubiquitous in our everyday life. Consider that a billion smartphones are expected to sell in 2013; that more than half of all Americans use their smartphones for daily Internet searching, and that 80 percent of Americans use their smartphones to shop. Clearly, mobile devices are essential not only for communication but also for information-gathering and commerce.

The question is, how can your business position itself to take advantage of the ever-increasing mobile market?

#1 Invest in a Mobile Website

This may seem like an obvious point, but here’s the truth: A staggeringly high percentage of companies still don’t have mobile-friendly websites, and many business leaders are frankly clueless as to whether the company website is accessible to smartphone users. Given how many users visit sites through their phones, though—and given how impatient most mobile users are with slow-loading or hard-to-read sites—the need to deliberately and strategically create a mobile-optimized site is critical.

Indeed, mobile marketing for business growth begins in earnest when you contact your Web developer and ask for a mobile-friendly website—but what exactly does this mean? Ensure that you pay attention to the following components of your site:

  • A good mobile site is one that requires little, if any, scrolling. Try to minimize content so that everything fits “above the fold.” Just the basics, in other words!
  • A good mobile website does not require the user to zoom in or out, or to resize the window, in order to clearly read the text.
  • A good mobile website makes navigation extremely clear and easy. Again, if the user has to zoom in or out to access the links or buttons, it’s not a good mobile site.
  • Finally, note that a good mobile site loads quickly—more or less instantly. If it takes your site more than a couple of seconds to load, try cutting back on the images you’re using.

#2 Consider an App

Not all businesses need apps, necessarily, but app development is certainly a key component in mobile marketing for business growth. A good app is a practical one—one that allows your customers to check their accounts, pay bills, purchase products, search your database, or do something else that they might otherwise have a hard time doing via their mobile device.

#3 Don’t Neglect E-Mail Marketing

In the age of social media, e-mail marketing gets an increasingly bad rap—but those who would tell you e-mail marketing is dead simply need to consult the data. People still open e-mail more than they check social media sites. What’s more, e-mail use is a major activity on smartphones. (Just think about your own mobile device; how often do you pick it up without checking your e-mail?)

As you engage in mobile marketing for business growth, however—whether via e-mail or any other medium—make sure you’re keeping it relevant and practical. Mobile users do not have copious amounts of time to devote to reading articles or sifting through spam, so don’t try their patience. Send messages that are direct and communicate immediate value.

#4 Send Timely Texts

SMS marketing is a major tool for retailers, restaurants, and businesses of all kinds. Invite your customers and clients to sign up for your text message list while they’re in your store, or else include a way for them to sign up online. Then, send them texts with time-sensitive information—a special discount code, an unannounced promotion, or something similar.

#5 Go Social

And yes, of course: No discussion of mobile marketing for business growth would ever be complete without a few words about social media. Social networking is a particularly popular activity among mobile users, so the best way to keep their attention is to offer up plenty of compelling content that they can share via Facebook, Pinterest, or whatever their social network of choice.

Mobile marketing, for business development and sales-boosting, is utterly essential in today’s world—and that is unlikely to change, as mobile use continues to edge out desktop use, and also as tablets take more and more of the market. Make sure your company is doing everything it can to cater to consumers on the go!

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