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Maximizing Exposure with Top Mobile App Marketing Tips

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Mobile App MarketingMarketing mobile and tablet apps is no different than marketing anything else, except in this case there is not a physical product. The app marketplace is a booming multibillion dollar industry spread across Android, Apple, and Microsoft alone. But for a smalltime developer with an app in the making, how in the digital world are they to generate notice? The virtual marketplace is an extremely competitive one where consumers tend to stick with apps they know. However, by following a few of these mobile app marketing tips you can enhance app exposure and harness valuable downloads.

But first, let’s look at a few things that determine an app’s in-marketplace exposure:

  • ASO: App search optimization increases organic search results from users. Combining a catchy title with keywords, you can up an app’s point of contact.
  • Downloads: An app’s download numbers is a figure appers use to determine whether or not to download an app. Every download counts.
  • Reviews: An apps starred rating and customer reviews, like downloads, plays a big role as well.

Performing these functions is difficult for infant apps. Fortunately, there are plenty of non-marketplace strategies you can use to increase consumer awareness of your app.

SoMe Marketing

Social media is an affordable method for any company hoping to escalate brand notice. By creating a simple Facebook page, either as an alternative to a website or used in conjunction with one, an app developer can reach out to diverse consumers while sharing company and personal info. Social media, as most people know, is a two-way street that allows businesses and followers to communicate with one another. Often, responding to a comment from a user or liking a status can win a download. All it costs is a click.

One common flaw of social media is when brands overuse various platforms. Ill-formed, promo-he

avy Tweets, for example, are easily ignored in a newsfeed. The same goes for posts and photos shared through other platforms. In order to keep interest in followers and increase your content’s sharability, you need to ensure that every post, Tweet, image, and share is meaningful, informative, and useful for your campaign. One of the top mobile app marketing tips is to ask yourself if the content you’re producing is entertaining to you, the writer, and actually informs an audience on behalf of your app. Here are a few ways to tap into newsfeeds with minimal investment:

  • Sponsored Posts: Through Facebook’s sponsored posts program, you can target content to people who don’t currently like your page.
  • Promoted Tweets: Twitter, like Facebook, allows marketers to fill Twitter feeds with app information.

Each of these programs is incredibly versatile and allows you to accurately target a specific consumer group. Depending on your app, make sure that group is specific to start with in order to generate high download numbers before branching out.

Generating Reviews

Every app developer should incorporate incentives for people to post reviews to the app marketplace. For a game, this could be free credits, an item, or anything else that encourages them to do so. Most likely, the reviewer will go through it quickly and give the app a high markup.

Web Marketing

Among other mobile app marketing tips, it is useful to create a microsite that is app-specific. Side by side with a developer/company page, you can build up SEO and keywords that grow an app’s online presence in search results.

Niche Advertising

Niche websites like Quora and Reddit are cheap to advertise through. A lot of these pages are already targeted to specific markets (tech users, app enthusiasts, etc.). In a broader sense, you can pump up exposure through Google AdWords. AdWords is a pay-per-click strategy that ranks your website’s URL high up on search result pages. The entire campaign should revolve around a set group of keyword in order to optimize coverage across the board.


Arguably one of the best mobile app marketing tips out there is to share your app through non-developer sources like guest posts and other publications. If you’re feeling adventurous, send your app over to a tech website or a blogger and hope that they do a brief write-up or include the app in a roundup. Mashable is a good place to start.

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