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Local Search Success Hinges On Positive User Experience

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How can Baltimore businesses generate leads and win over consumers, in this increasingly Digital Era? The answer largely comes down to successfully ranking for search engine queries. This is especially true now, on the heels of several algorithmic updates that Google has made to emphasize local search rankings.

Consider it this way: If a Baltimore consumer conducts a Google search for “pest control,” he is probably not looking for general information about the field of pest control. No, he is probably looking for a local pest control company. Google knows this, and will display listings for a number of local, Baltimore pest control companies. If you own a Baltimore pest control company, then, you can see how handy it would be to have your name come up toward the top of that list!

How can a business ensure this kind of Google success? It may sound technical and even daunting, but, according to one Google higher-up, it’s really pretty simple. Google wants to create a positive experience for search engine users; therefore, the content it favors is the content that is relevant to user inquiries. If a Baltimore business wants to fare well in local search rankings, a big part of it lies in simply developing online content that users will find helpful and interesting.

In fact, Google says that, for all the talk about search engine optimization, one of the best things a business can do is to focus on creating popular content. Would a search engine user ever find this content useful enough to bookmark it, or engaging enough to share it on Facebook? These are important questions to ask, because they illustrate some of the cues Google uses to determine its rankings.

Google says that, along the same lines, utilizing search engine “keywords” is not as important as it used to be. This is not to say that SEO as we know it does not exist anymore, but it does mean that the best way to optimize for search engine success is to simply develop content that is natural and organic, not so stuffed with keywords that it reads as though a robot generated it.

Incidentally, the same basic philosophy—an emphasis on the end user experience—is also foundational to video marketing. A successful video is one that people will actually take the time to watch, and to pass around. Again, the user experience is key.

Indeed, whether optimizing written content or launching a video marketing campaign, there are important considerations to be made, many of them stemming from user engagement. is devoted to helping Baltimore businesses succeed in winning over clients and potential clients. For more information about the company’s search engine ranking expertise, its leader generation services, or its video marketing solutions, reach out to today.

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