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Local Search Case Study: Why Google Rankings are So Important

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As the Internet continues to grow and mature, online commerce continues to increase. You do not have to work in digital retail to know that more and more people are purchasing products from their smartphones, perhaps even based on ads or comments they see on Facebook. And when people aren’t buying products online, they are at least turning to the Web to gather information which dictates their purchasing decisions, using Google to help them locate the best local vendors.

What, then, is a local business to do? How can Baltimore businesses compete in an increasingly Web-centered world? To answer this question, we might look to an interesting case study—specifically, to an article from a spa and salon industry publication, which affirms the important role that search engines are playing, even in the spa business.

According to the spa industry publication, the key is in local search rankings. Think about it this way. If a Baltimore consumer is looking for a local spa, he or she is going to turn to Google. Google is going to display spas in the local, Baltimore area. If you own a Baltimore spa, then, you want to make sure your business is on that list!

But how? There are several options available. Paid ad space is possible, on both Google and Bing. Additionally, there are local directories that businesses can join, some of them free.

Certainly, listings on local business sites are important. For example, businesses can set up their own profiles on Yelp, on, and even on Google Maps. If you want consumers to be able to find your business via online search, then taking these steps is vital.

However, they may not be enough. Baltimore businesses would do well to consider the benefits that come from ranking organically in online search results. Paid ads are fine, but many online search engine users ignore them. Local business listings, on sites like Yelp, guarantee that your business can be found, but not that it will be found, or that it will rank high atop the local search results listings.

As this spa industry publication makes clear, it does not matter what industry you’re in: Local businesses need local search results if they wish to reach consumers in the 21st century. offers an array of local search ranking strategies to Baltimore businesses, ensuring the kinds of leads and traffic that will really matter for your business’ bottom line.

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This article was written by Zsolt Bicskey

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