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How to Market Your Software, Make Your Mark

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How to Market Your SoftwareWhen it comes to how to market your software, things don’t have to be that difficult at all.  Coming up with a clear software marketing strategy and communicating that plan to your entire team will ensure that your message is delivered swiftly and effectively to the appropriate audience.

Hard Facts About Your Software

Before you are able to devise a plan on how to market your software, you need to make sure that you know every detail of your software, good and bad.  This comes from talking and asking questions with your geek squad or development team.  Their insight about the software allows you to decide which features about your software you should include in your software marketing strategy as well as how to market your software toward the appropriate target market.

Once you and your development team have come up with a fine list of your software’s top features, you have to come up with a way to communicate them to your audience within the first few moments of their research.  People nowadays do most of their product research online and will most likely search through multiple products that do most of the same things.  This is where it could be beneficial to lead with your top feature in the headline of your content, followed by a brief, easy to read list style format of all the rest your software’s features.  If you have chosen the correct market audience, they will understand the facts put forth to them and appreciate not having to sift through a 1,000-word blog post promoting your software.

Show, Don’t Tell

When it comes to how to market your software, it is also beneficial, depending on the media outlet you choose, to allow your software to speak with its actions rather than words.  It is true what they say; a picture really is worth a thousand words. So how many words is a brief 30-second video highlighting all the top features of your software worth? From a marketing standpoint, it’s worth more like a million words.  Showing people how your new GPS app is able to pinpoint people’s locations, as well as potential obstacles, alternate routes, potential stops along the way, or any other feature people might find useful by showing people actually using the app so viewers can see for themselves how great your software is, is a way better software marketing strategy than telling them in print format.

Do More than Market

Nowadays, with the widespread use of social media sites, it’s imperative for your software marketing strategy to do more than advertise your software.  Doing things such as interacting with users online, answering their questions, posting links about topics related to your software, or posting pictures and videos of what goes on inside behind the scenes of your software, are all prime examples of how to market your software beyond what most people are looking for.  Creating an active online presence will allow people to see your software and potentially start a buzz about it without you even having to ask or promote your software.

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