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How to Increase Sales for a Company: Tips for Paid & Organic Lead Generation

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How to Increase Sales for a CompanyFor business owners wondering how to increase sales for a company, the answer is fairly basic: Only by drawing leads into your sales funnel—either through your company website or through strategic landing pages—can a company hope to convert online traffic into actual customers and clients. There are two ways to do this, either through organic or paid lead generation. This is where things start to become a bit more complicated, yet for business owners looking to increase sales for a company, there are a few tried-and-true practices for both organic and paid lead generation.

Organic Lead Generation

Organic website traffic refers to any online visitors that you get through means other than paid ads. If a lead stumbles onto your website through your company’s Facebook presence, that’s organic lead generation. If a lead finds your landing page or corporate blog in a Google search inquiry, that too is organic lead generation.

Of course, what business owners truly want to know is how to increase sales for a company through organic Web traffic; there are six basic strategies to keep in mind:

  1. First, start a company blog. Use a well-planned keyword strategy, and monitor the ranks for each keyword, making sure that you’re always focusing your efforts on terms that online users are actually, actively searching for.
  2. Make sure that your content is easy to share. Facebook sharing buttons, “Pin-It” buttons, Twitter and Google+ sharing functions—all of these should be staples on all of your blog entries and company landing pages.
  3. Those wondering how to increase sales for a company through organic means will want to make sure to engage with all of those who share their content, reaching out to them directly, thanking them, and inviting them to peruse further content. Of course, this makes social media monitoring tools invaluable!
  4. Press releases, announcing newsworthy events in the life of your company—new product launches, new hires, corporate expansions—are ideal for generating buzz.
  5. Article marketing, meanwhile, is an antiquated form of online marketing that companies are better off avoiding; putting articles in cheap directories and “e-zines” will actually incur Google penalties!
  6. Finally, ensure that there is a call to action at the bottom of all of your content, helping to guide leads downward through the sales funnel.

Paid Lead Generation

Business owners wondering how to increase sales for a company will also wish to think seriously about some methods of paid lead generation and traffic-creation. While buying traffic in bulk is not advised, buying visible and effective online ads can often work wonders. A few strategies to consider include:

  1. Buying ad space on YouTube puts your brand out there in front of some one billion users per month!
  2. Speaking of YouTube: Companies that have invested in video marketing can take their campaigns a step further by visiting, which promotes YouTube videos and brings in serious traffic.
  3. Cheap banner ads still work wonders; is a great place to get them. The site is made for small business owners, and provides easy and quick ways to create and manage banner ad campaigns in real time.
  4. Google Adwords is an avenue that many business owners consider, as they wonder how to increase sales for a company through paid means—and while AdWords is undeniably effective, it can also prove pricey. That does not make it a bad option, but business owners are prudent to hold off on AdWords until they have tried some of the other strategies listed here.
  5. A final tip for companies using these strategies is to make sure that paid ads point not to general pages, but rather to specific landing pages—which better equips the business owner for capturing these precious leads.

Which is Better?

So which of these two methodologies is better? Neither is necessarily any better than the other, and in fact there are many rewards that come from using both organic and paid traffic-generating and sales-boosting strategies in tandem. No matter which method your company uses, it is important to remember that your job does not end when you draw traffic to your website. You then need to capture and nurture those leads, following up with each individual prospect and making customized offers for those at the top, middle, and bottom of the sales funnel. That, in the end, is how to increase sales for a company!

Are you getting overwhelmed with “marketing stuff”? You are not alone!

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This article was written by Zsolt Bicskey

Zsolt’s professional background includes work with many companies throughout his native country, donning the mantles of CEO, HR and IT professional, and more.Currently his major focus is on: corporate social media marketing, lead generation, local search optimization, video marketing and mobile marketing.


Belinda SummersMay 10, 2013 at 4:23 amReply

Agree to Zsolt. Wether you use paid or organic lead generation as long as you do it the right way and you get the best out of it, there’s nothing to worry about. Thank you for sharing your ideas on lead generation here.

Belinda Summers

Zsolt BicskeyMay 10, 2013 at 1:25 pmReply

thank you Belinda…