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How to Increase Sales: 5 Battle-Tested Strategies for Turning Leads into Customers

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how to increase salesThe purpose of online marketing is not simply to attract leads; the best marketing efforts go a step further, driving those leads into the sales funnel and ultimately converting them into customers. This may sound like a tall order—like it is, perhaps, easier said than done—but for businesses wondering how to increase sales, here are five tried-and-true marketing strategies that are sure to bring in new clients and customers.


1) Don’t Neglect E-Mail Marketing

These days, it is easy to write off e-mail marketing—to assume that, ever since the advent of social media, e-mail marketing has lost much of its luster. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, e-mail marketing is a critical tool for any business wondering how to increase sales—how to turn those leads into actual customers.

The wonderful thing about e-mail—as opposed to social media marketing—is that it allows you to deliver a prompt and personal response to a specific lead. Say that someone e-mails you or fills out a lead-capturing form on your corporate website.

That’s an ideal occasion on which to send an e-mail in response, thanking the lead for his or her interest, responding to specific inquiries, and providing the prospect with whatever information is needed to generate a sale. A quick and personalized e-mail response is a tremendous way to turn a lead into a sale.

2) Automated Workflows Help Nurture Leads

Automated workflows go hand-in-hand with e-mail marketing—and indeed, for any company seeking information on how to increase sales, the topic of automated workflows is a critical one. Automated workflows are important because they help you to nurture your leads—to move them from the point of initial inquiry to the “opportunity” stage of sales, and to do so as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

By using automated workflows, you can segment your leads—say, those who have downloaded a piece of content, those who have joined your e-mail list, and so forth—and send personalized call-to-action messages to each one of them.

3) Organic Search Rankings Boost Sales

Another marketing strategy that is sure to boost sales: A focus on organic search rankings. If your company is a hardware store, and it ranks #1 on Google when local users search for the term “hardware store,” you’re getting incredible exposure from leads who are very likely ready to buy. Organic search rankings position your company as the answer to specific user inquiries—a great way to increase sales!

4) Inbound Marketing Means Building Authority

The importance of inbound marketing to the lead nurturing process is impossible to overstate. Consider the following scenario. Someone finds your website and is interested in purchasing one of your products or services—but that prospect desires to see further information about your company, some sort of evidence about your company’s level of authority and expertise. That’s where inbound marketing comes into play.

If you’ve got a blog, a website, or a search engine results page full of informative and helpful articles, you’re effectively positioning your brand as one of authority, respectability, and trust; often, this is all it takes to push that prospect into making a purchase.

5) Video Marketing Can Seal the Deal

A specific form of inbound marketing that we might recommend is video marketing—which is not just useful for driving leads to your website, but also for turning those leads into sales. The ways in which video marketing can push potential customers into actual customers are myriad: Consider creating product demo videos, product tutorials, or simple videos in which you, as a business owner, share your passion and your expertise.

These are all great methods for instilling buyer confidence in your leads, and to win them over to your brand as the brand of choice, of expertise and industry authority.

Marketing does not end with lead generation. It is a critical tool in nurturing those leads and developing them into conversions and sales. For those companies that wonder how to increase sales, this is the answer: By applying the best online marketing practices, long after you’ve made the first contact with a prospective customer or client.

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