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How a Call-to-Action Fits Into Video Marketing

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video marketing Baltimore call to action

video marketing Baltimore call to action

Your company has just constructed its first-ever online marketing video. The content is compelling, the production values are spot-on, and you are excited about uploading the thing to YouTube and watching the hits roll in—only, you cannot shake the suspicion that there is something missing. The video just sort of ends, and then what is the viewer supposed to do?

This is a common conundrum among many video marketers—first-timers and veterans alike. If it feels as though there is a small but crucial component of your video missing, it may be because there is. The component in question may be the Call-to-Action, and ensuring that you insert it into all of your marketing videos is utterly essential.

What is a Call-to-Action?

You are doubtless familiar with the concept of the Call-to-Action already. Hopefully, it appears on all of your company’s written Web content. You list all of the values your business can offer, and then you invite the reader to do something—to pick up the phone and call you, to e-mail for more information, to schedule an appointment for a consultation, or whatever else it may be.

The Call-to-Action is the most important part of your Web content, because the Call-to-Action is what gets things done. It is not just an important component of written Web content, however, but also of marketing videos.

Videos in Action

The wonderful Business2Community blog recently offered a few examples of how business owners can include the Call-to-Action at the end of their marketing videos. These offer some real insight into the different options that video marketing can provide:

An online marketing video can end with a “Download This” invitation. Say you are marketing a piece of software; you video can highlight all of the perks of that software, and then end with an invitation to download a demo. Or, you can always offer a download of a sales brochure.

Here is a simple Call-to-Action: “Subscribe.” If you’ve got really compelling video content, you can conclude it with, “Join our mailing list to see more videos like this.” It’s a great way to bring users into your sales funnel.

Finally, it is always advantageous to end with an invitation for sharing that video on social media sites—a great way to get users to help you with your marketing endeavors! is proud to offer extensive video marketing services, to business owners in Baltimore and beyond. For more information on what Endless Leadz can do for you, contact us today.

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