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Holiday Optimization Know-How 101: Conversions = Happy Holiday Season

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social media optimization (photo by manwithface)

social media optimization (photo by manwithface)

It seems every year, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals get advertised earlier and earlier.  It makes a business owner wonder, “Just how can I get the most out of the holiday rush?”  Quite frankly, the answer is simple.  If your business can be found online while you are offering some tantalizing holiday deals, you are more likely to cash in on spend-happy consumers.  Deploy these tips now as the selling season gets ramped up:



  • Offer optional or temporary password masking on authentication pages:  Let’s face it, if a customer feels it’s a hassle to do business on your website or complete a sale, your bounce rate is going to increase and people will go to your competitor’s easy-to-use website.  Employ optional or temporary password masking during the holiday rush.
  • Welcome cross-country and cross-border customers:  If you’re a niche store or brand, you probably have a great local following and may even be known in other areas of the country.  However, while you might do a great job converting local customers, something could be said about your ability to do so elsewhere.  Make sure your business is found in such a way that it appeals to customers who are in other geographic areas.
  • Consider your return policy:  This is the time of year when customers are really eyeballing store policies and considering just how easy it would be to return an item to you if there is buyer’s remorse or if the intended gift falls flat.  Get rid of any hesitation a potential customer may have by taking a look at your return policy and make sure that it is customer-friendly.
  • Allow the “Check out as a Guest” feature in your e-Commerce solution:  While your store may have some loyal customers who want to sign up for your newsletter and be made aware of sales upon completion of a purchase, there are others who just want to buy from you right now.  Remember, a one-time sale is better than the customer bouncing from your site, so make sure potential customers can check out as a guest without registering.  Don’t worry…wow them with your customer service and they will be back!
  • Make sure your site effectively communicates shipping deadlines:  There is no easier way to spark the ire of a customer, and ensure they never return to your site, than by not delivering their merchandise on time.  If your website or store is not monitoring or making use of live chat and social media outlets during this time of year to make sure that customers have all the info they need, you are missing the boat.  Moreover, now is the time to make use of social media outside of just closing a sale.  Communicate your specials or sales and provide offers to your social media fans or followers in order to direct as much traffic as possible to your website.


Of course, make sure that these tips work for your particular business before automatically implementing them.  A little testing will go a long way and it’s always necessary to make sure that customers are responding positively to your business’ efforts online.  If you are curious to learn about the best methods for driving business to your website and social media channels this holiday season, contact the pros at today!

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This article was written by Zsolt Bicskey

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