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Going Mobile is Mandatory for Software Marketing

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Software MarketingStatistics show that people are using their smart phones more and more to do their web browsing instead of the conventional desktop or more popular laptop.  What does this mean for your software marketing strategy? It means that your have to get with the times and go mobile.

Beneficial in the Long Run

Though your new software may not necessarily be designed for a mobile device, you can still get the word out about it.  People can still access different and possibly more social media outlets from their mobile devices than they can on their computer.  Think about it, how many times have you logged into Instagram on your computer as compared to your phone?

Easier than you Think

Due to the fact that people can access all of the different social media outlets from their mobile devices, odds are that you are already mobile marketing in some way, shape or form already.  Most of the links you post as a company through things such as Twitter and Facebook can still be accessed from people’s phones.  The only thing different now is that the content on the other end of the link you tweet is made for on the go access.

What does it mean in terms of change for the content your business should be putting out?  How does going mobile affect your marketing strategy? It means that the content really has to be cut and dry, borderline boring in some ways.  Yet, in other ways, it has to be mind-blowing.  It all depends on what you’re marketing and who you’re marketing to.  That comes from your buyer persona.

Stick and Move

Whether you’re marketing the next first person shooter or the next accounting software, your mobile marketing strategy better pack a punch.  Make sure the message is delivered within the first couple seconds see your content.

Keep it Short

Keep your message short.  It keeps it from getting distorted and allows people to know what they are getting into right off the bat.  People are looking for specific things most of the time when they do their mobile research.  Give them what they want.  Don’t waste time with silly slideshows or extended clips.  That’s why new mobile apps such as Vine and Instagram have adapted so well.  The ability to stop and start videos so that only the action is included allows marketers to really just include the meat of their message.

It has become necessary for any new software company to be able to at least market themselves on mobile devices.  What most companies don’t know is that they may already be doing some sort of mobile marketing already.  The next step is to just be more aware of the content they’re publishing perhaps shift toward publishing content geared more toward the mobile market.

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