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Does Your Corporate Website Implement the Best Lead Generation Techniques?

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lead generation techniquesWhat role does your corporate website play, within the broader framework of your online marketing strategy? For some businesses, the website is effectively just an online placeholder—a way to get your hours and your contact information onto Google. By implementing the best lead generation techniques, however, you can turn your corporate website into a 24/7 sales machine—an online brand ambassador that is constantly bringing new leads into the sales funnel.

Doing this is not always easy, and it takes a real commitment on the part of the business owner (or, perhaps, the marketing department.) Regardless of the size of your company or the current state of your website, however, you can implement the lead generation techniques necessary for transforming that site into an around-the-clock sales rep. Consider some of the specific tips laid out below.

Consider Your KPIs

Start by answering this question: What, exactly, do you want your website to accomplish? Many businesses have inefficient websites—and many business owners grow frustrated with the process of continually tweaking their site—because they have simply not defined the role of the site. Knowing your key performance indicators can help bring focus to your website endeavors—and, it can help you measure the success of your efforts.

So what do you want to do with your site? Which lead generation techniques do you want to emphasize? Are you trying to get site visitors to sign up for an e-mail list, or are you simply looking to bring in as much traffic as you can? Be deliberate in thinking about the goals you have for your site.

Know the Difference Between “Content” and “Copy”

… and yes, there is a difference! Your website probably has plenty of copy already—that is, information about your company, your products, your services, the value you can offer to clients, and so forth. If your company website has an About Us page, or Products/Services pages, then you probably have some Web copy.

Copy is important—but so is content. Include something on your site that will engage and inform users, without necessarily promoting your brand in an overt way. For example, a plumbing company website might include information about its specific products and services, but also some educational articles about green plumbing, some how-to articles, and so forth. You need both copy and content to create a strong Web presence.

Make Every Page Your Home Page

Another lead generation technique: Remember that many of your site visitors are going to be finding you through Google or Bing, which means they are not necessarily going to be coming in through your “front door.” Thus, every page on the site needs to be a home page, of sorts. Make sure every page of the site includes ways to navigate to other parts of your site; also ensure that every page of the site makes it clear what your business is, and what it does.

Have an Online Newsroom

What’s new at your company? Your visitors will want to know—so tell them, via an online Newsroom. This section of your site can showcase company press releases, or even quick update blurbs that you write. This shows that your company is growing, changing, and thriving—effectively establishing your business as a prosperous one.

Don’t Neglect Mobile Users

A final word of encouragement: If you have not already invested in a mobile-optimized site, the time to do so is now! Given the ever-increasing prevalence of mobile browsing, it is no longer an option to take smartphone users for granted. Indeed, you can amplify the effect of your lead generation techniques considerably, simply by making certain that your site is welcoming to mobile users!

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This article was written by Zsolt Bicskey

Zsolt’s professional background includes work with many companies throughout his native country, donning the mantles of CEO, HR and IT professional, and more.Currently his major focus is on: corporate social media marketing, lead generation, local search optimization, video marketing and mobile marketing.

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FrancisJune 3, 2013 at 11:45 amReply

Spot on article i would say !

Couple of points i would like to add

1.Using the customer interaction tools

I have seen a lot of websites with live support , live chat etc.. but most of them wont work properly.Unfortunately some of them are not at all user friendly too. The importance of a good live support is , it wont let visitor to think a second if he is interested in that particular , straight away he will call for purchase or inquire about the product. A lot of technologies are already in the market like Bounzd , they are pretty good in the business i have seen a lot of hospitality and realty sectors are using it and its very user friendly and time saving too.So these kind of technologies should be used to create or increase lead generation.

2. Design of website

Well , it plays a crucial role in lead generation.If the website is messy the bounce rate of visitors will be high.It is basically psychology related one.Design should be minimalistic i guess.It should contain only what visitors wants to read or excite, everything else will help visitor to leave website as they come.

3.Contents in website .

Contents should be the solution of their ( visitors/potential customers ) pain. So the role of positioning plays a vital role too.And the flow of website also plays key role in lead generation.

I guess these points also will help :)

Thanks ,