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Corporate Social Media Marketing: How to Prepare for Visual Marketing

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Corporate Social Media Marketing - Prepare For Visual MarkeitngAre you prepared for visual social media marketing? That’s the question posed by a recent editorial from the ClickZ blog. It is an important question for business owners to consider as they contemplate their own corporate social media marketing endeavors—and the ClickZ blog offers a few reasons why. According to the article:

  • The most shared and most clicked viewed links on Twitter are images.
  • The Facebook posts that get the most reads and interactions are images.
  • The blog posts that generate the most traffic are ones with—you guessed it— captivating images.

All of this is to say nothing of the burgeoning popularity and import of image-based social networks like Instagram and Pinterest. The bottom line is that, when it comes to social media, images are increasingly dominant. For your corporate social media marketing efforts to succeed, then, it is vital that you optimize your content with compelling images.

Easier said than done? Not necessarily. The ClickZ article offers three basic tips for how businesses can make their corporate social media marketing efforts more visual. Those tips are as follows:

  1. Make sure that every page of your website and corporate blog has a strong, compelling images attached to it. This will make these pages more “shareable” on social media sites. Take Pinterest as just one example; when a website is “pinned,” one of the images on that website is displayed for Pinterest users to see. If your online content lacks compelling images, then, you can effectively say goodbye to any chance you might have at effective Pinterest marketing.
  2. The second tip offered is to make images a big part of your social media activity. By adding an interesting and relevant image to your Facebook status update, you can significantly increase the odds of that update getting shared among Facebook users. You can also use images to brand your company in exciting new ways—for example, posting “behind the scenes” photos of your staff can provide users with a glimpse into a more human and relatable side of your company.
  3. Finally—and we have touched on this already—consider joining up with some of the dominant image-based social networks. Pinterest and Instagram can both prove mightily effective in boosting brand awareness and drawing traffic to your company website. Spending time perusing these sites can also help you fine-tune your own approach to visual marketing.

Corporate social media marketing is going visual, and it is imperative that you get on board. is proud to offer consultation services to companies keen on perfecting their visual marketing endeavors.

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