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Corporate Social Media Marketing: How to Keep Followers and Fans from Jumping Ship

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corporate marketing mistakesCorporate social media marketing can be an incredible way to generate leads and boost client loyalty—but, according to the results of one recent study, it can sometimes have adverse effects, as well. Business 2 Community shares the results from an eye-opening new survey, which finds that 65 percent of consumers say they will stop using a brand if that brand irritates them on social media! In other words, corporate social media marketing can help your business if you do it right; if you do it in a way that causes annoyance, however, it can actually do some real damage to your company’s bottom line.

The Business 2 Community article continues by offering a few suggestions—tips on how to do corporate social media marketing without irritating your fans and followers. A few of them are worth repeating here.

  • The first tip offered is to limit what Business 2 Community terms “meaningless posts.” A meaningless post is a telltale sign of a social media novice, and such content has no place in a strong, thoughtful corporate social media marketing campaign. Some examples of meaningless posts: “Good morning, everyone,” or “How was everyone’s weekend?”
  • The article also suggests that businesses show prudence in how often they post. Regular content updates are important; the article suggests three or four per week, while Endless Leadz might recommend at least one per day. Regardless, there is definitely such a thing as too much, and it is imperative that businesses refrain from inundating newsfeeds with posts.
  • A big one: Make sure that at least some of your content is original. Sharing articles and retweets is fine, but make sure you also share some original insights, links to your own blog posts, and so on—content that users will not get anywhere else!
  • A final comment worth making: Businesses are unwise to use social media sites for needless bragging. If someone votes you the #1 company in your field, that is great; post a link to the article in which this honor is noted. Beyond that, keep bragging to a minimum, and always back up your claims.

A positive corporate social media marketing strategy is invaluable, but in many cases there is a fine line between being engaging, and simply being annoying. Endless Leadz works with companies all over the world, helping them devise corporate social media marketing strategies that always help and never hinder!

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