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Corporate Social Media Marketing Blunders—and How to Avoid Them

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corporate social media marketing issuesDo you know how to use social networks?

In 2013, it is difficult to even fathom that someone might still be unfamiliar with the basic functions of Facebook and Twitter, yet, according to a recent article from Forbes, social networking errors abound—particularly when it comes to corporate social media marketing. The article lists four ways in which companies and their marketing teams might be misusing, or perhaps underusing, the power of social networking. As your company embarks on a brand new marketing year, reviewing these common mistakes—and making certain you know how to avoid them—can be instructive.

The first error listed in Forbes is the tendency that many companies still have to “sell first”—a tendency that, as the article rightly notes, is rooted in the olden days, when advertising was done on billboards and via radio and TV ads, broadcasting and promoting a brand’s message at full blast. The Internet does not really work that way, and corporate social media marketing especially does not work that way: People get on Facebook and Pinterest to have fun and to socialize, so screaming your company’s message at them is unlikely to win over many customers.

Instead, Forbes suggests that a company approach social networking like a cocktail party; you mix and mingle, you get your name out there, and you cultivate goodwill toward your brand. You do not simply sell, sell, sell.

Another common error, Forbes claims, is measuring ROI the wrong way. Corporate social media marketing is all about the long game. Your Facebook post may not immediately cause customers to buy your products, and that is okay. A seed has been planted, and measuring the efficacy of your social marketing efforts requires you to be patient as that seed blossoms into something substantial.

Forbes lists two other errors that are common in corporate social media marketing campaigns. The first is to believe that social media can fix anything, even transforming a fundamentally unlikeable, disreputable company into an overnight, international success. It cannot, the article notes, though it can help put the company back on the right path.

Finally, Forbes suggests that many corporate social media marketing campaigns fail because they neglect to develop an original and unique voice. Indeed, the brands that fare the best in their social media efforts are the ones that develop voices of their own.

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