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Free Facebook Ads

free facebook ads

This is crazy; FREE FACEBOOK ADS!!! Let me know if you would be interested how we keep cracking the system and get clicks almost for free.  I’m thinking of putting together a short eBook on it. Just look at the image: it says one click costs $0.00 Free Facebook Ads Do You Need Help With…

Viral Marketing Trends: How to Create Big Buzz in 2013

viral marketing

Finally, ClickZ recommends that businesses serious about viral marketing should take social media seriously, and to integrate social media with all of their other ad ideas and content creation strategies. The end of one year and the start of a new one always afford marketing professionals with much-needed opportunities to look back and to reflect—to think about the…

The Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet for Success

Viral Marketing

How convenient would it be if you were able to have your business’ marketing message spread effortlessly via word-of-mouth channels?  Indeed, there’s no denying that any business owner would revel in this, as you would not only be gaining customers quickly, but also controlling costs related to your marketing budget.  Think about it, instead of…