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Software Marketing Strategy: 6 Quick Tips

Software Marketing Strategy

What’s your software marketing strategy? If yours is a company that designs and sells software, this is obviously an important issue to address, and one that is, at times, needlessly complicated. At the end of the day, a good software marketing strategy will probably resemble the marketing strategy for most any other product. Certainly, the…

How to Market Your Software, Make Your Mark

How to Market Your Software

When it comes to how to market your software, things don’t have to be that difficult at all.  Coming up with a clear software marketing strategy and communicating that plan to your entire team will ensure that your message is delivered swiftly and effectively to the appropriate audience. Hard Facts About Your Software Before you…

5 W’s of Mobile App Marketing

mobile app marketing

The 5 W’s are something that most writers are familiar with.  The same 5 W’s can also be applied when it comes to marketing your mobile app. Who The most important part of marketing your mobile app is to have a clear idea of whom you are trying to market your app to.  It’s physically…

Mobile App Marketing on the Move

mobile app marketing

Everyone knows the saying; “There’s an app for everything.”  What mobile app marketers are beginning to realize, though, is that there is more than one app for everything.  The mobile app market has been rapidly growing over the past few years and shows no signs of stopping. In 2010, Mashable came out with an award…

Going Mobile is Mandatory for Software Marketing

Software Marketing

Statistics show that people are using their smart phones more and more to do their web browsing instead of the conventional desktop or more popular laptop.  What does this mean for your software marketing strategy? It means that your have to get with the times and go mobile. Beneficial in the Long Run Though your…

5 Ideas to Drive Your Software Development Strategy

Software Development Strategy

One of the most important times in the software marketing process is before any of the actual marketing takes place at all.  Developing a clear strategy as to how your business is going to grow and adapt to the ever-changing world of online marketing will help set you and your business apart and keep from…

6 Twitter Tips for Software Development

tips for software development

Twitter is one of the nation’s most popular social media outlets and rightfully so. The ability to tweet large pieces of information in only a limited amount of characters allows those on Twitter to get a ton of information out quickly to large amounts of people. And with the ability to choose whom to follow,…