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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips for Savvy Business Owners

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Social media lay people may regard LinkedIn as, primarily, a venue for networking and for career advancement—but smart business owners know better. They know that LinkedIn is nothing less than a critical tool for brand enhancement and lead generation. Indeed, when used properly, LinkedIn can actually be used to drive traffic to a company website…

Corporate Video Production Can Have Huge Effect On Your Search Rankings

corporate video production free facebook ads rankings

Corporate Video Production Is The Way To Go! Do you have more than 900 million competition in Google? Even if it’s so great: video marketing is powerful! Look at this image. I’m not logged in, this is genuine Google search results. #1 is Facebook #2 is us. We beat HUGE corporations in this game! We…

What Facebook Graph Search Means for Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Facebook graph search for local search optimization

In recent years, local search engine optimization marketing has grown increasingly important, thanks largely to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and other GPS-enabled devices. More and more people are searching for local businesses on the go, and as such, they need to be able to locate a physical address and perhaps a phone number, quickly…

How to Enlist Brand Advocates for Your Corporate Social Media Marketing Campaign

How to Enlist Brand Advocates for Your Corporate Social Media Marketing Campaign

What is the most difficult aspect of corporate social media marketing? Ask any 10 small business owners, and at least eight or nine of them are bound to say that the tricky part is simply finding the time necessary to create high volumes of quality online content. There is a secret to corporate social media…

Corporate Social Media Marketing: How to Prepare for Visual Marketing

Corporate Social Media Marketing - Prepare For Visual Markeitng

Are you prepared for visual social media marketing? That’s the question posed by a recent editorial from the ClickZ blog. It is an important question for business owners to consider as they contemplate their own corporate social media marketing endeavors—and the ClickZ blog offers a few reasons why. According to the article: The most shared…

Corporate Social Media Marketing: How to Keep Followers and Fans from Jumping Ship

corporate marketing mistakes

Corporate social media marketing can be an incredible way to generate leads and boost client loyalty—but, according to the results of one recent study, it can sometimes have adverse effects, as well. Business 2 Community shares the results from an eye-opening new survey, which finds that 65 percent of consumers say they will stop using…

Free Facebook Ads

free facebook ads

This is crazy; FREE FACEBOOK ADS!!! Let me know if you would be interested how we keep cracking the system and get clicks almost for free.  I’m thinking of putting together a short eBook on it. Just look at the image: it says one click costs $0.00 Free Facebook Ads Do You Need Help With…

5 Critical Habits for Corporate Social Media Marketing

corporate social media marketing

Corporate social media marketing can seem downright daunting sometimes; there are more social networks appearing all the time, and checking and updating numerous social media profiles, day in and day out, is enough to overwhelm even seasoned marketing pros. According to a recent article in Entrepreneur, however, corporate social media marketing can be made effective,…