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3 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Sales Productivity

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Sales Productivity

For sales professionals, the advent of the Internet Age has been something of a mixed blessing. Certainly, online communication has presented innumerable marketing and sales opportunities, but it has also made for a shorter sales cycle. Small business owners and sales managers alike feel more pressured than ever before to generate leads, close sales, and…

Free Facebook Ads

free facebook ads

This is crazy; FREE FACEBOOK ADS!!! Let me know if you would be interested how we keep cracking the system and get clicks almost for free.  I’m thinking of putting together a short eBook on it. Just look at the image: it says one click costs $0.00 Free Facebook Ads Do You Need Help With…

Social Media Marketing, Electronic Publishing, and What it Means to Be an Author in 2013

Social Media Marketing, Electronic Publishing, and What it Means

Becoming a published author does not mean what it once did. Where authorship once entailed hours spent pouring over a manuscript, followed by a lengthy and often painful process of submitting to big-name publishing houses, the Internet has totally changed things. Now, anyone can upload a book to Amazon, put it into Kindle format, and…

Corporate Social Media Marketing Blunders—and How to Avoid Them

corporate social media marketing issues

Do you know how to use social networks? In 2013, it is difficult to even fathom that someone might still be unfamiliar with the basic functions of Facebook and Twitter, yet, according to a recent article from Forbes, social networking errors abound—particularly when it comes to corporate social media marketing. The article lists four ways…

3 Reasons to Consider Google+ as a Corporate Social Media Marketing Tool

corporate social media marketing with google plus

Should your business be making use of Google+? Among many social media enthusiasts, there might be a knee-jerk reaction to say no; ever since the launch of Google+, it has received its fair share of headlines decrying it as a failure, a blunder, or—at best—a second-tier social network. In many ways, though, these rejections of…

2 Spots From Google Top 5 Out of 126 Million Results In Less Than a Week!

corporate social media marketing

It is so good to wake up for something like this. I just checked our results from last week. I knew we are going to hit the first page but I didn’t hope to do this fast. It looks like that our new tricks are working pretty well  

Small Business, Social Media, Blogs and Your Marketing Budget

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Recent years have been tumultuous for U.S. business owners, with economic uncertainties forcing many enterprises to make tough budget cuts and to slash operational costs. According to a recent article from Business 2 Community, many business, especially small businesses, are cutting their marketing budgets, in particular decreasing their spending on social media, blogs and SEO….

Corporate Social Media Marketing: A Big Blind Spot for Major U.S. Corporations

corporate social media marketing

It’s amazing to think how powerful social media is in the world of many small businesses and how they appeal to consumers.  Some Mom and Pop brands have ultimately used social media to not only open doors for their business, but also to better keep their finger on the pulse of their customer’s needs, wants…

Shocking Infographics On Social Media Stats

Social Media Marketing Facebook

I just found this infographics. What do you think? source: