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Writing Press Releases Is Powerful, See These Results

writing a press release

Writing a Press Release And Distribute It Well Can Have a Huge Impact On Your Bottom Line We worked on one of our small business’ traffic generation strategies and here are the results. We gained 52% increase since November when we start writing and distributing press releases for them. This is a retail client so…

For Search Engine Marketers, Bing is No Joke

Search Engine Marketing

It is tempting for search engine marketers to think that those other search engines—that is, the ones that are not Google—are something less than serious. Mastering Google is really all that matters, many of us might believe; Bing and Yahoo, meanwhile, are hardly worth the effort. But watch out: Bing is no joke, and as…

Should Your Brand be on Pinterest?

Everyone is abuzz about the rise of Pinterest; social media gurus initially wrote it off as a niche network or as a passing fancy, but nobody is writing it off anymore. In fact, a Bizrate Insights study, conducted in August of this year, finds that Pinterest actually performs better than Facebook in terms of user…

How Social Media Has Changed Lead Generation

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Businesses need to generate leads. Small businesses need to generate leads, new businesses need to generate leads, Baltimore businesses need to generate leads—all businesses need to generate leads. For business owners seeking the best tools for lead generation, the Internet is an obvious candidate. Just how the Internet can be used to get leads, meanwhile,…