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How to Increase Sales Revenue: 7 Strategies for Smart Marketing

How to Increase Sales Revenue

In many ways, sales departments and marketing teams are working toward the same, common goal—that is, they both want to know how to increase sales revenue. A smart and strategic online marketing campaign can prove highly effective in the pursuit of this goal—and cost-effective, to boot. For businesses wondering how to increase sales revenue, then,…

How to Increase Sales and Revenue: 5 Essential Strategies

How to Increase Sales and Revenue: 5 Essential Strategies

Every business owner and every marketing professional wants to know how to increase sales and revenue—how to bring new leads into the sales funnel, how to nurture those leads until they become paying customers, and how to do it all as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible. For those wondering how to increase sales and…

Writing Press Releases Is Powerful, See These Results

writing a press release

Writing a Press Release And Distribute It Well Can Have a Huge Impact On Your Bottom Line We worked on one of our small business’ traffic generation strategies and here are the results. We gained 52% increase since November when we start writing and distributing press releases for them. This is a retail client so…

How Content Marketing Can Help Sell Your Products in 2013

content marketing

2012 was the year in which content marketing broke out in a big way—and as a result, countless marketing blogs and social media pundits have issued their tips and tricks for how businesses can launch successful content marketing campaigns. General guidelines and suggestions are important, of course, but what about enterprises that are serious about…

Social Media Pointers that Will Keep the Holidays Merry and Bright for Your Business

Social Media For The Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching and there is a clear divide over how business owners personally consider this time of year— either as a time to boom, or a time for a break.  No matter what your particular business or industry’s case might be, the one thing you can’t forget about, no matter how…

Why Content Marketing is a Growing Trend

Most businesses realize, in this day and age, that marketing success begins and ends with the Internet—that if your company does not have a strong and robust online presence, you are letting countless customers and leads slip through your fingers. Here is where things get tricky, though: Not all online marketing endeavors are created equal….