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App Marketing Dos and Don’ts: How to Make Your App Stand Out

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Is it really worth the time and investment required for your company to engage in app marketing? Frankly, that depends on how serious you are about getting app marketing right. The world of app marketing is savage and competitive, with more and more companies rolling out new apps—many of which are frankly indistinguishable from one another. Spending money developing and promoting an app that looks and works just like everyone else’s is almost sure to be a waste of your company’s resources; by following a few app marketing dos and don’ts, however, your company can maximize its app marketing bang for buck.

Novelty is Everything

To begin with, note the relatively short attention span of the average smartphone and tablet user. Simply put, these consumers do not have the interest or the patience in seeing your tired rehash of a well-known, already-imagespopular app. Rip-offs nearly always fail, in other words; so, if your bright idea is to develop a game featuring ill-tempered birds, it’s probably time to start over from scratch.

There is no magic formula or secret recipe you can follow to come up with a really novel app. The important thing is just to ensure that you’re not making a carbon copy of someone else’s work. If you can’t get the novelty part down, the rest of these app marketing dos and don’ts are going to be pretty useless.

Optimization Leads to Visibility

A second point on our list of app marketing dos and don’ts: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a submission to the app store is guaranteed visibility. Many apps are submitted every day, and then languish in anonymity. Why? Because the app developer does not take the time to optimize them for the App Store.

Optimization may look a bit different, depending on whether you’re optimizing for the Apple store or for one of the others. Always make sure to categorize your app, though, so that those browsing for a particular thing can more easily stumble across your app. Also ensure that you enter a description, which immediately conveys exactly what the app does. Your app description is not the place to be clever or mysterious; clearly spell out the value your app can deliver.

Set the Stage

Still another entry in our list of app marketing dos and don’ts: Don’t launch your app, or even start developing your app, until you have a marketing strategy in place. An app that is not strategically promoted is probably not going to generate much buzz. You need to carefully analyze the competition, and find an angle you can use to make your app stand out. You also need to brainstorm on some specific strategies for promoting that app via social media pages, your main website, and beyond. This level of strategizing is vital for those seeking to launch a successful app.

Price and Audience

Both the target audience and the pricing of your app can impact its downloads, its reviews, and the revenues it brings in. Thus, our list must include this: Don’t target the app toward the wrong audience. A business app should be marketed toward business professionals; if you market it toward kids or families, you’re going to see a low rate of downloads, but a high rate of bad reviews.

Meanwhile, do price your app appropriately. Overpricing is an obvious error, because it will adversely affect your download rates. Underpricing can also be a problem, though, because it will keep you from bringing in the kinds of revenues you really need. Of course, in some cases, it might actually be smart to give away your app for free, but this is only true if you are using the app as a kind of “free sample” of the broader services that your company can deliver.

Better and Better

A final inclusion in our list of app marketing dos and don’ts: Do release regular updates for your app. Do so by taking into account the feedback you receive from your customers. Take what they have to say to heart, and utilize this information to improve your app over time. This is the only way to keep customers happy, and to maintain your competitive edge.

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