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6 Ways to Improve in 2014

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The new year brings new opportunities, at least for those who look for them. Online marketing is no exception, and the time is ripe for getting your campaign and online assets back on track. Why? Because worthless social and online campaigns cost money and sales. So with no further ado, here are the top ways to improve lead generation in 2014: socialnurturing

Focus on One-to-One Social Marketing

Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and a dozen other platforms, you’re likely overwhelmed when it comes to turning followers, likes, and shares into leads. Need some advice? Pick two platforms that work for you and leave the others behind. You can keep the “forgotten” active by posting major updates and content, of course, but focus one two platforms that you can transform into lead-generating machines.

The key here is to capture as many followers and online fans as possible, though the majority of these people are likely friends who feel obligated to follow your pages or customers who already know about your services and products. Want to know one of the best ways to improve lead generation in 2014? Start speaking directly to specific people on social media.

Did someone post a question or concern about a product? Answer them directly.

Is there a valued client who hasn’t done any business with you for a few months? Contact them directly.

Email With Care

Emails, of course, are just as useful for generating leads. If you don’t already, you should have a website-based newsletter feature where people can sign up for an email newsletter. These are usually filled out by active customers or those hesitant about buying from a site. Oblige their curiosity by writing up short, concise, and entertaining lead-generating emails and send them out every week or so.

Avoid the Pop Culture

It is tempting for businesses to associate blog posts, social media, and other online assets with trending pop culture, international crises, and other headliner events. More often than not, people on social media will know if you’re reaching too far for some notice. Don’t fill up newsfeeds with the same information other businesses and followers are posting. If something directly affects your company, industry, or community, however, feel free to put a personal spin on something culturally relevant.

Blog like a Pro

There are countless ways to improve lead generation in 2014, though blogging is still a majority winner. Even if your competitors are already blogging twice a day and drawing in thousands of page views, you still have a chance to capture a few leads.

When blogging, stick to a combination of informative and entertaining. People prefer to read content that teaches them something, shares a point of view on an issue, and isn’t overly promotional. On top of all this, schedule out your blogs so you can stay active on newsfeeds once you share them.

Time for Website Redecorating

It is never too late to give your website a makeover. A fresh website is something worth noting for businesses (i.e. posting) and can turn quick visits into leads and conversions. Websites, as you likely know, are powerful tools that deserve time, effort, and investment. Once built, it is up to you to stock it full of content that will convince visitors to sign up for newsletters, make purchases, and learn more.

Really quick, here’s what to avoid in a website:

  • Too many pictures, blocks of text, and other elements that slow load times
  • Unspecific purpose that confuses visitors
  • No links to social media outlets
  • Poorly functioning navigation bars
  • Any use of “scrolling” that can turn away potential leads

Knowledge is Power

One of the most proactive ways you can up your lead generation is to stay current on trends. Find a few websites that post content on new Google algorithm updates and other information relating to search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, social media, and other topics.

Knowing what is out there and how the online marketing landscape is evolving is your key to more leads. Try out new things, too, and never be afraid to try again if something fails. These are just a few different ways to improve lead generation in 2014.

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