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6 Twitter Tips for Software Development

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tips for software developmentTwitter is one of the nation’s most popular social media outlets and rightfully so. The ability to tweet large pieces of information in only a limited amount of characters allows those on Twitter to get a ton of information out quickly to large amounts of people. And with the ability to choose whom to follow, it is also a great way to soak up as much information as your business can handle.

When it comes to software development being able to use Twitter, tweeting links to demos, video trailers, graphics, blog posts, reviews, anything about your new piece of software does more for your business than a commercial ever could. Being active on Twitter shows you have an interest in helping people and interacting with them instead of just selling people a new piece of software.

Below are a few tricks that can help your business maximize its Twitter usage:

#1 Direct Messages to Rejection

Direct messages on Twitter can be a great way to get in touch with specific people on Twitter, but only when used appropriately. Most of the time when people receive direct messages from followers they don’t know well, it’s spam. Start a conversation with someone through a reply or two before you send something directly to their inbox. Repeat interactions show that you care about customers and willing to listen to their opinions.

#2 Repeat Tweet

There’s nothing wrong with resending something out that you’ve tweeted earlier. Some followers check twitter regularly throughout the day while some may only check twitter a select few times so in order to optimize your reach, don’t hesitate to send something multiple times. If you send something twice, those that didn’t check into it the first time may be intrigued that you sent the same thing out again and want to see what makes that post so important.

#3 Hashtag Swag

Hastagging is something that started with Twitter but is beginning to spread past its origin. It has become widely accepted in other social media outlets such as Instagram, Vine and even Facebook. Use hastags as ways to make statements about what your sending out. Hashtags should be more than just the keywords in your post. They can be one-word facts about your posts, events going on in your business. Hashtags can be seen as nail in the coffin while hammering out great content.

#4 Give a treat, Retweet

Retweeting someone is a great compliment to give. It shows that you appreciate what they’re putting out there. There’s nothing wrong with letting your followers know that other people are doing great things as well. Helping people help themselves can only lead to help for you. People will see that you retweet’ed them and can learn what types of content works best and they might also sent your content to their followers with a their own retweet.

#5 Get LinkedIn to Twitter

Linking your different social media profiles to your Twitter is the best way to share all of your information across many different platforms. Posting media from Instagram, Vine, events from Facebook and connecting your LinkedIn profile to your Twitter account allows you to kill many birds with only one stone as well as show your multimedia versatility.

#6 It’s Your Twitter

Don’t forget that no matter how much good content you post on Twitter, it’s still YOUR Twitter. Good things can come out of posting a personal tweet every now and then. This does not mean to post that you’re hungry or going to do some miniscule task. Instead, a post about a sporting event, something going on in the world or anything that matters to you that isn’t necessarily business related shows that you have a personal side and aren’t afraid to get a little personal with clients.

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