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5 Killer Tips for Generating Sales Leads via Video Marketing

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generating sales leadsVideo marketing is an invaluable tool for generating sales leads—so why is it that so few small companies take advantage of it? A 2012 survey found that only about nine percent of all small businesses host videos on their websites, and only 19 percent of mid-sized business. This is a major lost opportunity for all of the companies that are not availing themselves of video marketing, but it is also a tremendous opening for your brand: If you embrace video marketing as a method for generating sales leads, and your competitors do not, then you gain a huge competitive advantage!

Of course, one does not simply throw together an online video and expect it to become an instant lead-generation machine. You need to approach video marketing with strategy and foresight. Below are five killer tips for optimizing your videos, and ensuring that they are effective in generating sales leads.

Tip #1: Host Your Videos on Your Company Website

When the phrase “video marketing” is used, many companies tend to associate it with YouTube. However, there are some immense advantages that come from actually hosting your videos on your own company website. Consider that Google indexes video listings and regular Web listings separately—so including video on your site significantly boosts the chances of a search engine user stumbling across your company website, and being drawn into your sales funnel! (Note that this does not necessarily mean you cannot also use services like YouTube or Vimeo to share your videos with an even larger population of people.)

Tip #2: Marry Video with Text

We said before that Google indexes videos and Web content separately, and that is very true—but it is also important to remember that, for the search engines to recognize your videos, you are going to need to provide some text. Ideally, this means including a full transcript of your video, but for many small business owners, this may prove a bit too much of a time-drain. As such, you might include a brief paragraph of text, summarizing each video and using some targeted keywords.

Tip #3: Think About Video Placement

Where on your website can you position your videos, to optimize their lead generation potential? There is not necessarily any blueprint or magic formula here, and it may be different from one business to the next. With that said, it is certainly prudent to make your video the “star” of your homepage or your About Us page—somewhere prominent. Another tip is to create videos for each individual landing page; if you have an entire page devoted to a certain product, that it a prime place to include a product demo video or a related how-to video.

Tip #4: Get Creative in Sharing Your Video

Most small business owners do not need to be reminded of the need to share their videos; the more these videos are shared, the better they will be at generating sales leads. With that said, it is important to look beyond the obvious avenues for video sharing, like Facebook and Twitter. Get creative. If you have a how-to video for a particular product, include a link to it in your invoices and receipts! You might even include a link to your video in your e-mail signature.

Tip #5: Re-Purpose Your Videos

Finally, remember that you can get a lot of mileage out of each individual video, re-purposing it and using it for different kinds of content. For example, you can use a video as a starting-point for a blog entry, expanding on the video’s concepts in your writing and embedding the video within the post itself.

The bottom line, for small business owners, is that video content can prove highly effective in generating sales leads—especially when you use your video content wisely!

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