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5 Essential Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses Owners

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Video Marketing TipsAs a small business owner, you may not have quite the same kinds of resources—or quite the same enormous marketing budget—as a Fortune 500 brand. That hardly means that you cannot launch a truly effective—and affordable—video marketing strategy. Indeed, video marketing success does not depend on celebrity spokespeople, professional studios, or Hollywood production values; all you really need is a solid strategy and a bit of determination. Read on for five essential video marketing tips—designed with small business owners in mind!

Keep it Authentic and Actionable

The biggest error that small business owners make, as they think about video marketing, is to think that their videos have to be elaborate and sophisticated—on par with a TV commercial—in order to have any impact. Actually, though, some of the most effective small business marketing videos are produced on a very small scale—with an iPhone and a quiet office space, as opposed to a professional camera crew and an expensive studio rental. The secret? Make sure your content is authentic and actionable.

When we say authentic, we mean that it is important to speak directly and candidly to your viewers; this is one of the most essential video marketing tips we could offer, because frankly, most online users have grown wary of overly slick, promotional ads. Speaking directly to the camera, offering your insight and expertise on a particular topic and talking passionately about your business, can resonate with viewers in surprising ways.

As for actionable content, make sure there is always a call to action at the end of each video. This does not mean you need to make your marketing videos excessively promotional, but ending each one with an invitation to place a phone call or visit your company website can help you use those videos to generate real leads.

Optimize for the Search Engines

Next in our list of video marketing tips: Don’t forget to optimize each video for the search engines. The word “optimization” strikes fear into the hearts of many, as it comes across as an overly complex and technical term—but really, all it means is that you’re making sure your video can be located by search engines.

How can this be done? If you upload the video to YouTube, make sure that you will out all of the descriptive fields that you are offered—the title and summary of your video, for example—and that your descriptions include some basic keywords related to your industry. If you post the video to your website, include some text—even just a paragraph-long summary of the video, also with just a couple of judicious keywords.

Take Advantage of Facebook

No list of video marketing tips is complete without a mention of social networking—and Facebook, in particular, should be a key component in your video marketing strategy. Videos shared on Facebook typically get a lot of shares, which is great exposure for your company. Don’t inundate your Facebook followers with a dozen new videos every day, but do share new marketing videos as they are created.

Add Your Video to Your Google Local Business Listing

Hopefully, your business has its own local business listing on Google; if not, it is imperative to head to Google+ and establish your listing today. Once that’s done, optimize your profile by posting your videos, just as you do on Facebook. This is essential because it allows you to share your video—to tell the story of your company—with those online search users who are expressly seeking a local company with which to do business!

Vary Your Video Hosting

Finally, our list of video marketing tips winds down with a few comments about video hosting. Where you host your video—on your company website or on YouTube—matters a great deal, and the best strategy is to vary it. Hosting most of your videos on YouTube is prudent, because it allows you to connect with the use YouTube user base—and, it will save on bandwidth! Hosting a few videos on your website, meanwhile, will give you a more dynamic online presence, and it will provide your users (and the search engines) with a richer selection of content.

The bottom line for small business owners is that video marketing is an invaluable method for lead generation—and when it’s done properly, it can be effective, affordable, and surprisingly easy!

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