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4 Tips for Using Pinterest in Viral Video Marketing

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video viral marketing with pinterestViral video marketing stands as one of the best strategies for businesses and brands seeking to boost visibility and increase website traffic—but how, exactly, does one make a video go viral? For many companies, this is a common conundrum. Creating a strong, brand-enhancing video is one thing, but if nobody sees it, those good efforts are all but wasted!

One of the best ways to truly do viral video marketing is to integrate it with social networking. In particular, Pinterest offers companies myriad resources for getting their videos seen; indeed, the popular pinning board creates more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and even YouTube—combined! Naturally, then, it is a great tool for driving traffic to your videos and to your corporate website. Here are four tips for doing just that:

  1. A primary consideration, for businesses seeking to use Pinterest for viral video marketing, is that Pinterest is a very popular and very expansive site, and it is filled with countless images—so many, in fact, that videos sometimes get lost in the shuffle. When a user is specifically searching for a video, you need to make it easy for him or her to find. Create boards devoted to videos, and use the word “video” in the title and in the description.
  2. Pinterest will not let you post a video with a blank description field, so you might as well get some mileage out of it! Use the description field of your videos to include a link back to your main website, but also think about including a link or two to related and relevant videos.
  3. It is critical to remember the social component in social networking; you will not get as many Pinterest followers if your account is all about promotion and nothing else. As such, try to curate and post some videos that are not yours, but that do speak to your industry or your niche. You do not have to promote the content of your competitors, but do focus on providing value to Pinterest followers.
  4. The final thing to do, in order to use Pinterest on behalf of viral video marketing, is to focus on creating videos that people will actually want to share and to pin. As with all things social marketing-related, content is king!

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