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3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Video Marketing

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With YouTube’s popularity ever on the rise, and “shareable” content becoming all the rage in online marketing circles, there has been much talk about the importance of video marketing, for enterprises both large and small. This is as it should be: Video marketing represents a tremendous opportunity for businesses seeking to brand themselves more effectively, and to establish engaging relationships with clients and potential customers.

But this is not to say that all video marketing campaigns are created equal, nor does it ensure that all video marketing campaigns are inherently effective and efficient. To get the most out of a video marketing campaign, it is important to keep a few bedrock principles in mind.

Content is Still King

Online marketing pros are fond of repeating the phrase “content is king,” and indeed it is—but not just written content. The content of your videos is also important, because it is the content that will (hopefully) engage users, and it is the content that will reflect on your brand identity. As such, it is typically prudent to resist the temptation to make your videos into product infomercials, because YouTube viewers are typically not looking for that kind of nakedly promotional content. Instead, sell your expertise—make videos that offer useful tutorials or how-tos, or that reflect on news and happenings within your industry.

Timing is Everything

Another point to keep in mind is that a video is only useful if it engages users—so, try not to bore them! A fifteen-minute YouTube video is going to have to be pretty special in order for people to actually sit through it. Try to keep your videos to three minutes or less, and you will probably find more viewers who are agreeable to watching all the way through.

Call to Action

Remember, too, that any online content is made more effective with a brief call to action—even if it is something as simple as “call for more information,” or “click here for more details.” You can include a call to action in your video marketing campaign. Use the text description section of your videos to include this content.

All of these video marketing goals can be accomplished on a reasonable budget, without the use of a professional film crew. To learn more about the video marketing options available to your company or brand, reach out to us at today.

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