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3 Reasons to Consider Google+ as a Corporate Social Media Marketing Tool

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corporate social media marketing with google +Should your business be making use of Google+?

Among many social media enthusiasts, there might be a knee-jerk reaction to say no; ever since the launch of Google+, it has received its fair share of headlines decrying it as a failure, a blunder, or—at best—a second-tier social network. In many ways, though, these rejections of Google+ are short-sighted and unfair; it may not be Facebook, but neither is it a dud, and in fact, it offers some unique features that make it a necessary consideration for those keen on really making their mark through social marketing.

This is not to say that Google+ is a necessary component in any and all corporate social media marketing campaigns, but the social platform does offer a few good reasons for businesses and brands to think seriously about it. Here are just three of those reasons.

This is Google

Obvious though it may seem, this deserves clear iteration: Google+ is the social arm of Google, which remains the #1 search engine in the world. For this reason alone, Google+ is impossible to write off or reject altogether. The connection between Google+ and Google proper—indeed, the line between the two is increasingly blurry—means that sharing content on Google+ is a great way to enhance your online rankings, and to ensure that your corporate social media marketing efforts are SEO-savvy.

Circles Allow for Segmentation

Another reason why Google+ deserves consideration is because of its unique Circles feature. When Google+ first launched, a lot of social media users were less than impressed with Circles, but this feature actually has many important ramifications for businesses and brands. It allows you to segment your prospects and your customers and to share different kinds of content with different user groups, allowing for a more nuanced approach to social marketing.

Google+ is Constantly Improving

Finally, it is important to note that Google’s social platform is ever-changing, and ever-improving. The introduction of Business Pages, in 2012, was a big step forward, and in the immediate future, further changes to those Business Pages will allow businesses and brands to interact with all manner of users—not just other companies, but also individuals.

In other words, now is as good a time as any to get in with Google+, and to consider adding it to your social marketing toolbox. proudly offers a full suite of corporate social media marketing tools, including Google+ strategies made to meet your brand’s every need.

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