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3 Reasons NOT to Buy Website Traffic

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buy website trafficThere is a clear and unmistakable connection between website traffic and online leads; simply put, the more people who find your company on the Web, the more leads you are going to be able to pull into your sales funnel. This important relationship is not lost on small business owners, who know that it is important to come up with some strategy for generating online traffic, or “hits”—whether that strategy is to employ social media, to practice the best SEO techniques, or even to buy website traffic outright.

Yes, it is very possible to buy website traffic from online traffic wholesalers—but is doing so really the best option for your small business?


Why Buy Website Traffic?

To be fair, there are some undeniable benefits to this approach. When you buy website traffic from a traffic wholesalers, you can sit back and watch as your online analytics and traffic stats shoot through the roof—a great feeling for any small business owner! Additionally, purchased traffic will likely lead to a temporary spike in your company website’s Google and Bing search ranking. With all of that said, however, marketing professionals and search engine experts agree that purchasing website traffic is ultimately a short-term strategy, at best.

What Kind of Traffic?

The first thing to consider, with regard to buying website traffic, is that businesses benefit from receiving a very specific kind of website traffic—that is, traffic from potential customers who are in a “buying” state of mind. If you own a company that sells auto parts, a hit from someone looking to purchase motor oil or new windshield wipers is likely to result in a captured lead, perhaps even an outright sale. Traffic from someone who does not own an automobile, however, is likely going to prove far less valuable.

The problem with buying website traffic, then, is simply that you have no idea what kind of traffic it is going to be. By contrast, organic methods of obtaining website traffic—such as social media marketing or video marketing—allow you to strategize, to focus on bringing in the right kinds of website traffic.

About Program-Generated Traffic

On a related note, when you approach someone to buy website traffic, you really have no way of knowing whether your traffic wholesaler is trustworthy or not. Some traffic wholesalers sell what is known as program-generated traffic—that is, not actual Web users, but simply a computer program, simulating actual online traffic. Of course this is fraud, and it does you no good in your efforts to generate leads—but when purchasing website traffic, this is a very real danger, and one that can prove difficult to protect yourself against. Again, organic traffic generation techniques—based on engaging content, designed to appeal to actual Web users—is the only way to ensure that the traffic you are getting is “real.”

What About the Search Engines?

A final point to consider, with regard to buying website traffic, is that while it may seem like a winning move in the short term, it is ultimately not something that the search engines approve of. Indeed, in recent months, Google alone has unleashed multiple algorithmic updates, designed to penalize what it deems to be duplicitous and dishonest optimization techniques—including any forms of inorganic link- or traffic-building. In today’s online world, purchasing links or buying website traffic are both sure ways to lose Google traction, and to incur serious search engine penalties.

Instead, Google has advised webmasters and online marketers to make quality content a priority. Rather than seeking to game the system by purchasing traffic, businesses should develop strategies in which they are actually adding value to the search engines—providing useful, informative, and helpful content, and trusting in that content to bring in the traffic!

Concluding Thoughts

At the end of the day, then, any strategy that calls on you to buy website traffic is probably not advisable. The best-case scenario is that bought traffic provides short-term results; meanwhile, organic marketing methods will help to bring in meaningful traffic, and to sustain that traffic in the long term. Think critically about each of these points before deciding to buy website traffic!

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